Governor Frits Goedgedrag of Netherlands Antilles

Governor General of the Netherlands Antilles offers supportFor the first time in his term as Governor General, Frits Goedgedrag received a JCI delegation.
The emphasis will be on cooperation between the existing and future entities, Governor Frits Goedgedrag said in his speech marking the opening of a new Parliamentary year on Tuesday.
Goedgedrag was appointed Attorney General in 1998, after serving first as Secretary to the Island Council and later as Lt.
Frits Goedgedrag was born in Aruba in 1951.
Frits Goedgedrag has had a long career in the public administration of the Netherlands Antilles.
Netherlands Antilles: Frits Goedgedrag takes office as governor.
Governor General Frits Goedgedrag joined all Lt.
Goedgedrag says the entities responsible for seeing to the compliance with the laws and regulations must be able to do their job well and their findings must be able to have administrative and political consequences.
Goedgedrag says organisations like the audit chamber and government accountant bureau foundation SOAB play a crucial role.
Goedgedrag is not expected to divert from the advice.