Deputy Prime Minister Andre Rouvoet of Netherlands

In 1994 Rouvoet was heavily involved in the programmatic preparation of the election.
Rouvoet was also a candidate in these elections.
The RPF won considerably and Rouvoet was elected into the lower house of parliament.
Rouvoet was member of the parliamentary research committee on the IRT-affair, which involved failures in a criminal investigation unit.
His wife is a medical doctor, and he has four daughters and one son.
André Rouvoet was born in Hilversum on 4 January 1962.
On 22 February 2007, Mr Rouvoet was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Youth and Families in the fourth Balkenende government.
The reason is that Mr Rouvoet had some harsh things to say recently about Dutch couples.
I think Mr Rouvoet has every right to call on Dutch couples to keep bonking until their toes curl and their noses turn purple and fall of.
The CU enters government for the first time after gaining six seats, and Rouvoet was also named deputy prime minister.
Vice-Premier Andre Rouvoet praised Lemhaouli in a speech.
CU leader Rouvoet is under pressure from his party to make progress on ethical issues.
André Rouvoet is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Youth and Families.
André Rouvoet was born on 4 January 1962 in Hilversum.
Mr Rouvoet joined the House of Representatives in 1994, initially representing the RPF.
Besides teaching political science at the Evangelical School of Journalism in Amersfoort, Mr Rouvoet has also chaired the Dutch Reformed Churches’ Youth Welfare Association, and has sat on the board of the Protestant Children’s Homes Foundation and the Foundation for the New South Africa, and on the synodal committee of delegates that liaises between the government and the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.
On 22 February 2007, Mr Rouvoet was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Youth and Families in the Dutch government.
Rouvoet said he wants to raise debate about the subject and emphasized he was not proposing specific legal measures.
There needs to be a society-wide debate about the 'loose sexual morals' of many young people, minister for the family and orthodox Christian André Rouvoet said on Monday in an interview with the AD.
Rouvoet was commenting on tv programme Sex Sells in which teenagers speak about how they view sex.