Minister of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management Camiel Eurlings of Netherlands

Eurlings is a former Member of the European Parliament and sat on the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
European Parliament Turkey Rapporteur Camiel Eurlings said on Friday that the trial of Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk was harmful to Turkey's image in Europe.
Claiming that the articles in the new Turkish Penal Code pertaining to freedom of expression were not adequate, Eurlings said obstacles in front of freedom of expression should be lifted and repetition of such trials should be prevented.
Dutch minister proposes use of breathalyzer ignition lock in 2008Dutch Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings said Monday he wants to introduce the breathalyzer ignition lock next year, one year earlier than planned.
Eurlings expressed hope that the efforts by the Finnish Prime Minister will be successful - so that no chapters have to be put on ice and the train can keep going.
Camiel Eurlings is 33-year old MEP who will become the new Dutch Minister for.
Camiel Martinus Petrus Stephanus (Camiel) Eurlings was born in Valkenburg.
Dutch Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings is to take on the recommendations made by the Elverding Commission to speed up road building projects.
Eurlings is promoting in his talks on all islands the establishment of a maritime consultative body with the participation of all partners in the Kingdom.
Eurlings described his talks with the Executive Council yesterday as “constructive” and said they had served the purpose of his visit to the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean as the Minister of Transport.
Again Eurlings said he would like a practical approach for when the Netherlands starts assuming responsibility for meteorological services for the BES islands.
Camiel Eurlings was accompanied by a large business delegation of over 50 Dutch companies operating in the fields of airport development; aviation; maritime transport and other logistic and distribution sectors.
Stressing the importance of these freedoms, Eurlings said that Turkey should attain better standards in freedom of expression and religion to become a full member of the EU.
Noting that complaints continue about procurement of property by minorities, as well as (in the opening of) Heybeliada Seminary and minority foundations, Eurlings said that officials continue to seize and sell properties.
Eurlings said that they welcome alliance of civilizations initiative which was launched jointly by Turkish and Spanish prime ministers, adding that they are ready to support this project.
Noting that there are some debates about Turkey within the EU, Eurlings said that if Turkey opens Heybeliada Seminary and restitutes churches, it will get an impressive support especially from France and Germany.
Regarding Anti-Terrorism draft law, Eurlings said that fight against terrorism should not limit freedom of expression.
According to Hurriyet, Eurlings said that the report is positive and urged Turkey to take steps on the path to democratization.
Stating that he is not happy with the report of Eurlings, Mixed Parliament Commission Co-chairman Joost Lagendijk also said: "Instead of encouraging Turkey's membership, Eurlings has put more provisions.
Eurlings described his report as "fair but tough" and expresses hope that it would further motivate Turkish officials to move forward with reforms.
Eurlings said that formally, recognition of the mass killings as genocide cannot be held to be a criterion for EU entry as no other candidate country has had to recognize it.
A, Eurlings said that the report is positive and urged Turkey to take steps on the path to democratization.
Eurlings said that he welcomed the report in general.
Noting that the report strongly condemned PKK terrorism, Eurlings said that PKK terrorism couldn?t be considered legitimate, adding that the report shows that they will never tolerate terrorism.
Camiel Martinus Petrus Stephanus (Camiel) Eurlings was born in Valkenburg-Houthem on 16 September 1973.
Mr Eurlings has been vice-chair of the European People’s Party (EPP), president of the Union of the Robert Schuman Institute and member of the board of the European Ideas Network.
On 22 February 2007 Mr Eurlings was appointed Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in the fourth Balkenende government.
adding that they are ready to support this project.
terrorism should not limit freedom of expression.