State Secretary for Finance Jan Kees De jager of Netherlands

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Tax minister Jan Kees de Jager had appealed against the earlier decision, saying peep shows have nothing to do with culture.
All business activities were handed over to ISM eCompany (Innovative Solutions in Media) in 1997, the company of which De Jager was CEO until his appointment to the cabinet on February 22, 2007.
De Jager was also pleased that the countries have agreed to curtail risk-taking incentives, such as bonuses to encourage managers and bankers to take short-term risks.
previously de Jager had not answered written questions on the subject.
De Jager has promised to provide more information.
monitor the department that handles the filings.
De Jager said he was particularly pleased that countries have agreed to take action on the bonuses paid to bankers which encourage them to take short-term risks.
Inheritance tax is to be cut from the current maximum of 68% to 50%, junior finance minister Jan Kees de Jager said in Wednesday’s Telegraaf and Financieele Dagblad.
State secretary for Finance Jan Kees de Jager is going to lower the tax on inheritance.
19 March 2008THE HAGUE State secretary for Finance Jan Kees de Jager is going to lower the tax on inheritance.
In a short speech, De Jager said he hoped other EU nations will 'follow this example.
Mr de Jager said Ghana and the Netherlands would benefit greatly from the treaty which they had signed, explaining that it would significantly reduce the administrative burden relating to the taxation of income and capital gains, both for taxpayers and respective tax administrations.
Jan Cornelis (Jan Kees) de Jager was born in Kapelle on 10 February 1969.
In 1992 Mr De Jager was co-founder of Spectra Vision BV and was director, managing director and/or main shareholder of that company, its subsidiaries (from 2004) and ISM BV (from 1997.
Mr De Jager has been a member of the board of the policy institute of the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA), member and treasurer of the CDA executive board, deputy secretary general of the young people's organisation Youth of the European People's Party, member of the national innovation platform, chair of the NGN association (a forum for ICT professionals), member of the advisory board of the Centres for Work and Income and board member of ICT~Office, the organisation of IT, telecom, office and internet companies in the Netherlands.
On 22 February 2007 Mr de Jager was appointed State Secretary for Finance in the fourth Balkenende government.
THE HAGUE, 19/07/08 - Finance State Secretary Jan Kees de Jager has made agreements with employers organisation VNO-NCW on the packaging tax he is introducing.
THE HAGUE, 20/03/08 - Finance State Secretary Jan Kees de Jager is to bring all inheritance tax rates to below 50 percent.
De Jager was announcing a drastic reform of inheritance law.
Dutch Deputy Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager has written to parliament to announce that the tax office has plans to fill in more of the annual income tax form in advance for more people.
Mr De Jager said a small-scale experiment has already been carried out successfully.
products and activities, Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager has announced.
Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said the head tax office will be reorganised, but updating the software and IT systems will still take years.