Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen of Netherlands

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Maxime Verhagen is a member of the Bilderberg Group.
At the request of gay rights groups, Verhagen had demanded that the Nuncio to the Netherlands, Monsignor François Bacqué, respond to accusations that the Church opposes rights of homosexuals.
Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen was presented the Young Calvinist Party’s Oranje boven award as a token of appreciation and in recognition of his worldwide commitment to human rights, in particular to the right to religious freedom, and his fight against the persecution of Christians.
This is what Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen said at the international inter-religious conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague today.
International cooperation and free trade are both essential to resolving the credit crisis, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen said on Thursday at the Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association’s annual Thanksgiving Lecture.
Foreign Minister Verhagen is looking forward to working with the new administration.
The last soldier from the Oruzgan Task Force leaves at the end of the 2010, Verhagen said in Sundays edition of the De Telegraaf.
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Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen met with the head of the far right Freedom Party to highlight the risks of such a film, the minister's spokesman said.
After Wilders announced he was making an anti-Islam film minister Verhagen met with him to point out the risks in making such a movie for himself and his entourage and for the Netherlands and the Dutch interests abroad," Verhagen's spokesman Bart Rijs said.
No Room for "Fitna"30/03/2008By Maxime VerhagenMaxime VerhagenMaxime Verhagen is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
Visiting Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said after meeting his Indonesian counterpart Hassan Wirajuda that Indonesia and the Netherlands had.
Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen says he wants to support the Palestinian ministers who recognize Israel “in order to put pressure on Hamas.
Maxime Jacques Marcel (Maxime) Verhagen was born in Maastricht on 14 September 1956.
Mr Verhagen has also been vice-chair of the ACP-EU Joint Assembly and of the permanent parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, and a board member of the Eduardo Frei Foundation, the Netherlands Atlantic Association, the European Movement and Nijmegen University’s Parliamentary History Foundation.
On 22 February 2007, Mr Verhagen was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in the fourth Balkenende government.
The official nickname which Verhagen is known for by his colleagues and parliamentary reporters is the Rat; Maxime the Rat Verhagen.
Maxime Verhagen is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has said that the Netherlands would like to work more closely at international level with the countries of Latin America.
Verhagen was speaking in the Peruvian capital Lima at the start.
Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has made clear via the Dutch consulate in Ramallah that if the mufti decides to.
The Netherlands Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen met with Montenegro Vice-Premier Gordana Djurovic and said The Netherlands respects the European aspirations of Montenegro, media reports said.
Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen is facing criticism for his reaction to the Israeli air assault on Gaza.
HARARE, Zimbabwe, June 23 (UPI) -- One-time Zimbabwean presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai sought refuge Monday in the country's Dutch embassy, Dutch government officials say.
In April 2004, Verhagen had called for a new law, in which people who threatened democracy, such as imams who called for gays to be killed, could be called to account.
Today, Expatica News reports that Verhagen is in the news again.
Verhagen has said in response that Schoonenboom is being "irresponsible", and said a member of such an institute should rely on scholarship to base his arguments, rather than politics.
Verhagen has gone on the offensive against WRR.
Visiting Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said after meeting hi.
THE HAGUE - Dutch troops, who are already stationed in the south of Afghanistan, could take part in more missions there after the present one ends, Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said Sunday in an interview.