State Secretary for Justice Nebahat Albayrak of Netherlands

Zwaan questions whether Albayrak is actually aware of indeed how close.
Nebahat Albayrak was born in Sivas (Turkey) on 10 April 1968.
On 22 February 2007 Ms Albayrak was appointed State Secretary for Justice in the fourth Balkenende government.
NIS News Bulletin THE HAGUE, 03/03/07 - Nebahat Albayrak knows no better than that she has always lived in the Netherlands.
Albayrak was born on 10 April 1968 in Sivas, Turkey.
Before becoming an MP, Albayrak was on the board of the National Islamic Women's Organisation (LIV), from 1996 to 1998.
After secondary school, Albayrak joined the staff of the National Bureau for Combating Racism (LBR), in 1990.
In 2002, Albayrak was elected by the PvdA MPs to chair their foreign policy cluster.
In 2006, Albayrak was put second on the PvdA list of candidates in the general election.
read more)Two PvdA candidate MPs did have to withdraw, but the press let the matter rest after Albayrak said in Trouw newspaper that "it is for lawyers and historians to decide" whether the event "meets precisely the definition of genocide in international law.
Albayrak was the "law counselor" at the Netherlands Internal Affairs Ministry.
Stating that her interest in politics increased through the activities she had joined in the women's branch, Albayrak has added, " Actually the interest towards active politics are increasing among the turkish society within the Netherlands.
To remind, after the main Dutch parties removed three Turkish candidates from their electoral lists, in an interview with HP/De Tijd magazine Albayrak said she backed the parliamentary motion describing the killings of Armenians as genocide, adding that the issue needs to be investigated.
The Public Prosecutor's Office will make greater efforts in future to bring suspected war criminals who flee to the Netherlands to trial.
Dutch Minister of Justice Nebahat Albayrak has announced a clampdown on drug use in prisons.
Nebahat Albayrak was member of the Tweede Kamer (lower house) from 1998 until 2007 for the Labour Party (PvdA.
On February 22, 2007 Nebahat Albayrak was installed as State Secretary (junior minister) of Justice in the fourth Balkenende cabinet.
Nebahat Albayrak has a Turkish and a Dutch passport.