Governor, Reserve Bank Alan Bollard of New Zealand

Bollard is married to venture capitalist Jenny Morel.
United Kingdom and in the South Pacific.
hydraulic economic simulation model the Moniac.
Alan Bollard is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
Dr Bollard has written a number of books on the New Zealand economy, has produced a computer simulation game called Oikonomos where one plays at being the Minister of Finance, and has helped rebuild the famous Phillips hydraulic economic simulation model "the Moniac.
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nzReserve Bank of New Zealand governor Alan Bollard has hit back at doomsayers who are baying for an early cut in interest rates, arguing the economy remains solid and inflation remains a problem, meaning interest rates are on hold for now.
Monetary policy must take these risks seriously, but balance them against the inflation outlook, Bollard said in a speech on New Zealand and the World Economy at a conference in Sydney on Friday.
Bollard said the RBNZ was projecting a moderate slowdown in economic activity over the next few years, reflecting weaker household spending, business investment, the negative effects of dry weather conditions, and the impact of the exchange rate on exporters.
Bollard said the Bank would closely watch a number of factors including: Northern Hemisphere financial market turbulence; conditions in the Australasian financial sector; the extent to which East Asia growth is coupled to US and European growth, and commodity price developments; and the way in which the adjustment in the housing market and domestic spending proceeds.
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Reserve Bank of New Zealand in September 2002.
Bernard Hickey believes Alan Bollard has gone soft on inflation, as does the Westpac Chief Economist.
Fran OSullivan comments here on the OCR cut.
The RBNZ Governor Alan Bollard has cut the OCR by 150 basis points to 5.
If ever there was doubt that Alan Bollard is out of his depth, then his efforts earlier today supplied the proof.
The "we" here, by the way, is those of US whose money Bollard is gambling with.
Westpac cuts mortgage rates - down.
Bollard said the recession was actually quite shallow and a lot shallower than in the past.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor Alan Bollard speaks at a news conference in Wellington about the bank's decision to leave the benchmark interest rate unchanged at a record-high 8.
Alan Bollard has raised the interest (official cash) rate nine times since January 2004 to a record 7.
Alan Bollard is the Managing Director of Westermo Data Communications Ltd, the UK subsidiary of the Swedish data communications specialists.
29 May 2007 The Finance Minister today announced that Dr Alan Bollard has been reappointed Reserve Bank Governor and that he and the Governor had.
KERRI RITCHIE: Dr Bollard says he agrees with economists - New Zealand is in the grip of a shallow recession.
BRENDAN O'DONOVAN: Just about all commentators and the market was expecting a 25 basis point cut so Dr Bollard has come riding into town on a big white horse and he said I'm going to help save growth.
KERRI RITCHIE: But Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard says there are some positives on the horizon.
Dr Alan Bollard was appointed Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in September 2002.
Dr Bollard has also worked as an economist in a variety of positions in the United Kingdom and in the South Pacific.
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said last month the size and timing of future cuts in the Official Cash Rate would depend on evidence of easing domestic inflationary pressures.
With weaker short term growth and sharply lower oil prices we now expect that annual CPI inflation will return to the target band of 1-3% around the middle of 2009, Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said in announcing a 100 basis point cut in the Official Cash Rate to 6.
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said ongoing financial market turmoil and a deteriorating outlook for global growth have played a large role in shaping todays decision.
Bollard said growth would be slower than the 0.
Of course alan bollard is right! but selfishness, self presevation, greed, comfort, lack of social justice, i.
Business has one responsibility - to get the greatest return for the investor, where Alan Bollard is trying to turn them to look at the big picture - the good of the country.
Mr Bollard is right and the businesses and utility companies have displayed a very poor attitude, when it comes to playing their part in the community.
The news comes a few days after Mr Bollard said price restraint was needed to help the economy recover.
benchmark interest rate from a record 7.
the top of his target rate of between 1% and 3% for at least another year.
Today, Dr Bollard said there were signs the housing market was moderating but noted other indicators of inflationary pressure.
Reserve Bank keeps rates on hold24 Apr 2008 09:00NZPAReserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard has left the official cash rate (OCR) unchanged at 8.
In his announcement today, Dr Bollard said that economic activity had "weakened more markedly than expected" in the Reserve Bank's March Monetary Policy Statement.
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard has hiked interest rates and signalled a series of further rises later this year to counter a predicted inflation shock.
Dr Bollard said the predicted rise in inflation to 3-1/4 per cent early next year was not a breach of the bank's mandate with the Government as the bank is only required to keep within the target band "on average over the medium term.
Dr Bollard said it would be inappropriate to attempt to offset the "short-term" increase in inflation with a heavy handed use of monetary policy.
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard has taken a swipe at oil companies, power companies, local authorities and banks, among others, for not pulling their weight in these hard economic times.
Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said that Dr Phillips' influential 1958 paper on the relationship between inflation and unemployment catapulted him to prominence as one of the most significant economists of the mid-20th century.