Minister of Education Anne Tolley of New Zealand

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Before entering national politics, Tolley was Deputy Mayor of Napier and a City Councillor.
Anne Tolley is a New Zealand politeecian, an a member o the kintra’s pairlament in Wellington, representin the Naitional Pairty.
The East Coast had a 15% lead in the party vote (the graphic has it wrong) and on the electorate vote Anne Tolley turned a 2,500 majority into a 6,000 majority.
Anne Tolley is a New Zealand politician.
Mrs Tolley is the Member for the East Coast electorate, representing Whakatane, Ohope, Opotiki, Gisborne, and Wairoa districts.
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The Tertiary Education Minister Anne Tolley has released the Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM) from the Tertiary Education Commission.
Anne Tolley is MP for East Coast; a large and diverse electorate which stretches from Gisborne, around East Cape and through to the Whakatane plains.
Anne Tolley was re-elected as MP for East Coast in the 2008 General Election, with an increased majority, and was appointed Minister of Education, Minister for Tertiary Education, and Minister responsible for ERO.
Tolley is a vice president and director of research of the Newspaper Advertising Bureau in New York and also is a teacher at the University of Connecticut in Stamford.
Tolley is a lawyer in White Plains.
Education Minister Anne Tolley has requested that the Auditor General initiate an inquiry into the Ministry of Education school bus transport tendering process.
We approached four members of the Standing Orders Committee but National MP Anne Tolley was the only member who would front on the issue, she joins me now from Gisborne.
Education Minister Anne Tolley has knocked back a call by universities for the Government to lift its cap on student fees.
But Mrs Tolley said the fee cap was part of National's election policy.
Education Minister Anne Tolley said today the rules, imposed by the previous government and due to be introduced on December 1, would be delayed for six months and would be reviewed.
Ms Tolley said the regulations would be reviewed and there would be consultation with the sector and parents.
Anne TolleyThe Education Minister Anne Tolley has released the Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM) from the Ministry of Education and other education organisations.
Mrs Tolley says the government will have an unwavering focus on improving education standards.
Mrs Tolley says further areas that have been singled out for improvement in the BIM include participation and learning for children with special education needs, and access to early childhood education.
George Tolley was born on 15 Apr 1620 in Washford Pyne, Devonshire, England.
3 million, Education Minister Anne Tolley said today.
Ms Tolley said the new school could provide places for an addition 460 year one to eight children.
William Shakespeare is safe!! The Dom-Post is reporting that Anne Tolley has pushed back changes to the NCEA curriculum to allow more consultation with the sector.
Anne Tolley said yesterday that a review of NCEA standards papers used to assess pupils against the curriculum would be pushed back by 12 months to ensure greater consultation with worried principals and teachers.
With the focus that National is placing on education, Mrs Tolley has made a very encouraging start.
Education Minister Anne Tolley has welcomed the suggestion, saying there is an appetite for fresh ideas to benefit pupils, teachers and principals.
Mrs Tolley said teachers and principals had already suggested to her that schools opening hours be reviewed.
Education Minister Anne Tolley has ordered an urgent briefing from officials and warned yesterday that parents who failed to enrol their children were jeopardising their futures and committing a serious offence.
The research has been dubbed teachings Holy Grail by an influential UK education journal, the Times Educational Supplement.
But if youre going to describe this research as exciting, you should be honest about what it says, and about the gulf between what Anne Tolley said in the paper and what she did before Christmas.
Tolley is just another in that ilk.
National MP Anne Tolley said today figures showed 1000 children in CYF care had been moved three or more times in the past year.
Education Minister Anne Tolley said she had yet to read the full report, but acknowledged that bullying was a serious issue in New Zealand schools - an issue that needed to be addressed properly.
Ms Tolley said many schools across the country had introduced programs to counter the issue of bullying, which had proven to be effective.
Tolley says that although rewarding teachers for excellence is a tricky issue it needs to be on the table, particularly as Hattie is close to defining what makes an excellent teacher.