Minister for Courts Georgina te Heuheu of New Zealand

Mrs te Heuheu is the first Maori woman to gain a law degree and be admitted to the High Court as Barrister and Solicitor; the first Maori woman to gain election as an MP for the National Party; the first Maori woman to chair the Maori Affairs Select Committee, and only the second Maori woman to be appointed to a New Zealand Cabinet.
disappointed that te Heuheu was unable to endorse.
National MP Georgina te Heuheu has assured her leader Don Brash that she has no.
Te Heuheu said that as a lawyer she fully supported Brash's promotion of "one.
Sir Hepi te Heuheu was the last paramount chief of a Maori.
Knighted in 1979, te Heuheu was trusted and honoured by successive.
Georgina te Heuheu is a former member of the Waitangi Tribunal, and was NZs first female Maori lawyer.
The news that Georgina te Heuheu has been given the portfolio is being greeted with the same reaction if a Samoan had been appointed the new Maori Affairs Minister.
But Georgina te Heuheu is no booby prize.
But there are a couple of pitfalls - as Associate Minister of Maori Affairs Georgina te Heuheu has the crucial role of keeping the peace between the Maori Party and National.
National Party's Georgina Te Heuheu and John KeyNZPA/Ross Setford17/11/2008 09:08 PM NZPAGeorgina te Heuheu is to take on the crucial Associate Maori Affairs role which will see her shoulder some responsibility for making the relationship with the Maori Party co-leaders work.
Mr Te Heuheu has lived in Christchurch for 30 years.
National MP Georgina te Heuheu is reconsidering her future after.
Te Heuheu was stripped of the portfolio yesterday.
Georgina Te Heuheu had to choose between being sworn in.
conference in Tauranga yesterday, Mrs Te Heuheu said many of the solutions to Maoridom.
Te Heuheu has had time to think in the past two.
seriously ill, Susan te Heuheu says she had a lovely.
In her first speech on health as Associate Minister, Mrs Te Heuheu said the Hospital Plan released last.
National's associate foreign affairs spokeswoman Georgina te Heuheu says Mr Kelly clearly does not understand his role.
Georgina te Heuheu says Graham Kelly's remarks are so insulting, he should resign.
Te Heuheu is a good example; she didn't curse and swear; she didn't turn nasty; she didn't even claim a martyred moral high ground.
Wira Gardiner and his wife Hekia Parata, fellow Maori National Party members of considerable education and professional experience, discovered that as te Heuheu was dumped from her Maori Affairs portfolio.
Georgina Te Heuheu is Ngati Tuwharetoa with kinship links to Te Arawa and Tuhoe.
Currently involved in iwi development with the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board, Mrs Te Heuheu is also a director of the Maori Development Corporation and serves on the board of the Poutama Trust.
Georgina te Heuheu is to take on the crucial Associate Maori Affairs role which will see her shoulder some responsibility for making the relationship with the Maori Party co-leaders work.
He said Mrs te Heuheu was delighted with her role.
National MP Georgina te Heuheu is on the Maori roll and has no plans to change, despite her party's opposition to the Maori seats.
Mrs te Heuheu was a firm advocate of the earlier position.
Mrs te Heuheu was educated at Turakina Maori Girls College, Marton, and Auckland Girls Grammar.
Director of the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa.
In 1993, Mrs te Heuheu was awarded a Queens Service Order for services to the public.
In August 1998, Mrs te Heuheu was promoted into Cabinet and appointed Minister for Courts, Minister of Women's Affairs, Associate Minister of Health, and Associate Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations.
National MP Georgina te Heuheu said Game of Two Halves was a funny programme "but I don't know that there's a particularly Maori perspective that comes across on that programme.
Long serving National MP Georgina Te Heuheu says Maori have nothing to fear from the election of a National Government.
Georgina Te Heuheu is the daughter of a Maori chief and the first Maori woman to obtain a law degree.
Georgina Te Heuheu was stood down as National's Maori Affairs spokeswoman last year after she spoke out against Don Brash's first Orewa speech.
Mrs Te Heuheu says she has stayed with National because the party reflects her principles.
Mrs te Heuheu said today the request was not unreasonable , but understood the High Court in Auckland dealt with about 200 settlement conferences a year and only about four involved more people than could be comfortably accommodated.
Ms te Heuheu said there were processes where if larger groups were expected, those groups could apply in advance to have hearings held in a larger venue.
Ms te Heuheu said one of the mo st pressing issues with Auckland's court system at the moment was the struggle to cope with the huge volumes of cases.