Minister for Disability Issues Paula Bennett of New Zealand

Bennett was born in 1969 to Bob Bennett and Lee Bennett, a librarian.
Bennett had two older brothers, Stephen and Mark.
Broker Specializing in New Construction and Land Development.
Paula Bennett was a rarity in the Beatle world in that she knew the Beatles in Liverpool before they were famous and still managed to continue dating a Beatle casually when they were celebrities living in London.
Bennett is a member of the firm's Litigation Practice Group.
Paula Bennett is a New Zealand politeecian, an a member o the kintra’s pairlament in Wellington, representin the Naitional Pairty.
Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett has welcomed the decision in the Crown's favour in the Child Poverty Action Group's case against the in-work tax credit.
People hit by redundancy will get breathing space to adjust to their new situations under the Government's ReStart package, Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett said today.
A new book published by the ‘It's not OK' Campaign will add to a range of Campaign resources that are helping New Zealanders to prevent family violence," Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said today.
Social Development briefing papers show that a small group has remained stuck in a cycle of social deprivation despite the recent good economic times, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said today.
Paula Bennett joined the UAB Athletic Department administration in 2005 after having worked with the school's Undergraduate Admission Office since 1995.
Political commentator Linda Clark joins the Sunrise team with her analysis of National line-up and whether the fact that new minister Paula Bennett is a solo mum has any relevance to how well she can do the job.
Popular Westie Paula Bennett is the big winner as Minister of Social Development and Employment - one of the biggest jobs overseeing the biggest ministry with the biggest budget.
Replacing Judith Collins with Paula Bennett is Welfare is not a move to the right.
Bennett was also a member of the department's rehab team and vice president of the auxiliary.
Paul Lauter, editor of The Heath Anthology of American Literature "Setting a new standard for the recovery of forgotten authors, Paula Bennett has restored to US a major poet in Sarah Piatt, whose astringent, polyvocal, haunting work will be read alongside that of Whitman and Dickinson.