Minister of Revenue Peter Dunne of New Zealand

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Dunne takes the late-nineteenth-century journalistic phenomenon of urban local color and extends it, through his feeling for place and community, to evoke Bridgeport as the most solidly realized ethnic neighborhood in nineteenth-century American literature.
In his way, Dunne was as much a trailblazer into the American city as a setting for literature as Theodore Dreiser or Stephen Crane.
Although he joined Ida Tarbell and Lincoln Steffens in taking over the American Magazine in 1906, Dunne was not himself a progressive reformer.
Peter Dunne was born in Christchurch.
Dunne remained leader of the new group, called United Future New Zealand.
Dunne remained United Future's leader.
55% ,while the Green Party, which Dunne had criticised heavily in the campaign, received 5.
Since 2007, Dunne has rebranded United Future as a modern centre party, based on promoting strong families and vibrant communities.
Dunne has summarised his political views in two books, Home is Where My Heart Is (2002) and In the Centre of Things (2005.
Dunne was a Chicago journalist who would become the editor of Collier's from 1918 to 1919.
Peter Dunne was born July 10, 1867, in Chicago, the fifth of seven children of.
Finley Peter Dunne is not a familiar literary name, but the comic character he created, Mr.
Peter Finley Dunne was born in Chicago on July 10, 1867.
In later years, Dunne was a frequent guest for dinner and weekends at the White House.
Dunne was a charter member of a social circle of Chicago writers who frequently lampooned and competed with their New York City colleagues in pranks and outlandish stunts.
Dunne was a friend of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), with whom he played billiards, smoked cigars and drank.
As a journalist in the age of muckraking journalism, Dunne was aware of the power of institutions, including his own.
Dunne was born of Irish-immigrant parents.
James “Jimmy” Dunne was born in 1842 to Peter Dunne and Catherine Corcoran.
Around the time Finley Peter Dunne was starting his career in journalism in the 1890's many immigrants considered the United States as the "Land of Opportunity" but upon their arrival found a life based on extreme hardship, self-sacrifice, cultural alienation, and meager economic rewards.
Dunne was aware that the American government promoted the gold rush mentality because it inspired people to populate newly acquired territories.
After his initial success in America, Finley Peter Dunne was invited to travel around Europe to present his work to an eager international cosmopolitan audience.
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The United Future of Peter Dunne is a colossal, devout nation, remarkable for its compulsory military service.
Peter Dunne is ranked 30th in the region and 34,036th in the world for Most Pro-Market Nations.
274 days ago: Peter Dunne was refounded.
Speaking at the post-Cabinet press conference, Prime Minister John Key said talks were continuing about the make-up of the committee but Mr Dunne had been chosen to chair it.
Mr Dunne is a minister outside Cabinet as part of his support arrangement with National.
Mr Dunne is Revenue Minister and Associate Health Minister.
Mr Key said Mr Dunne was qualified for the role.
Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said he hoped Mr Dunne took his position of independence "really seriously because it's obviously very unusual to have a government minister in that position.
Peter Dunne was born July 10, 1867, in Chicago, the fifth of seven children of an orthodox Catholic immigrant couple from Ireland.
Dunne was an anti-imperialist and bluntly addressed such topics as racism, the Spanish-American war, and the imperialism of the Supreme Court.
teacher with over 30 years experience in the business.
possible right wing, pro-business agenda.
Peter Dunne has been a Member of Parliament since 1984, and holds the northwest Wellington electorate of Ohariu-Belmont.