Minister of Maori Affairs Pita Sharples of New Zealand

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Dr Sharples is with me now from Wellington.
FRAN I wanted to know Dr Sharples is there anyone with in National that perhaps represents that old style mould of conservative politician who had an eye for the greater good, you know the Doug Graham's of this world, that the Maori Party today could affiliate with or indeed might be talking to now about how things work out.
Dr Sharples comes from the tribe of Ngti Kahungunu of Hawkes Bay, his sub tribes are Ngi Te Kikiri o te Rangi and Ngti Pahauwera.
In addition to his academic work, Sharples has long advocated a separate Māori political party.
After the foreshore and seabed controversy flared in 2003–2004, Sharples joined forces with Tariana Turia, a minister in the Labour Party government who resigned over the issue.
In the 2008 general election Sharples was re-elected with a majority of more than 7000.
Sharples was made Minister of Maori Affairs, although like other support party members he remained outside Cabinet.
No accident that Sharples was introduced by Treen, McCarten's mate in Unite, whose strategy is still to build a 'new Labour Party' alongside the Maori Party.
Parekura Horomia explains exactly what card Sharples is playing here: "the race card.
Parekura would know, of course, since he's played that same card himself several times, but on this he's exactly right, and I'm damn sure Sharples knows it.
Pita Sharples has declared that Monday's "police raids" have "set race relations in New Zealand back one-hundred years.
parliamentary resistance to the concept of tangata whenua.
Co-leader Pita Sharples has reacted angrily to criticisms of his party's integrity, turning that around with claims a senior government minister and a NZ First staffer both tried to influence the Maori Party's vote to censure Peters.
Sharples says comments made by Peters have disgusted him.
PETER LEWIS: Maori Party leader Pita Sharples is only too well aware that his constituency will be hit by the stigma surrounding this law change.
Minister of Maori Affairs and Associate Minister of Education Dr Pita Sharples has welcomed the decision by the Minister of Education Anne Tolley to defer implementation of regulations for early childhood education centres.
Maori Party co-leader Sharples was also named Associate Minister of Education and Associate Minister of Corrections, while Tariana Turia got Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Associate Minister of Health, and Associate Minister of Social Development and Employment.
Dr Sharples said he would raise it with other ministers when MPs.
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples has called for the flag of Tino Rangatiratanga to be flown alongside the New Zealand flag from the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day.
Sharples was sending the signals at the weekend during the Maori Party's one day hui in Hastings.
I think Dr Sharples is not going to make that mistake.
Labour could lose a lot of list votes by getting in a fight with the Maori Party, Sharples is flexing a bit of muscle at the suggestion his voting base is under threat.
Dr Sharples said he would raise it with other ministers when MPs returned this month - despite John Keys refusal to support such a step when he was leader of the Opposition.
It is understood that Sharples is deeply opposed to the proposed scheme while Tariana Turia is a strong advocate for Key’s right to hunt, kill and mount unemployed Maori youths, describing it as enhancing his rangatiratanga and sending a strong message to young Maori that if they study and work hard they will not be cut down in their prime by Key’s poison-tipped crossbow bolts or torn apart by his pack of savage dogs.
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples says his party receives signals “privately” that the National Party is not too committed on its position of abolishing the Maori electorate seats.
Grant Liddell - the SFO Director was a multiple nominee for doing what was right, regardless of what the Government wanted.
Party co-leader Pita Sharples said he was no longer sure if he trusted Prime Minister Helen Clark, and said she was nearing the end of her time.
she has done great things for the country, Dr Sharples said in an interview recorded yesterday for TVNZ 7.
Not only were Labour turning a blind eye to Peters corruption, they were threatening and lobbying other parties to do the same.
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples says a New Zealand First staffer and Government minister tried to put pressure on his party over how it would vote in yesterdays censure motion against Winston Peters.
Craccum did some fun interviews with a few candidates this week.
Dr Sharples comes from the tribe of Ngati Kahungunu of Hawkes Bay.
Dr Sharples has also created the New Zealand National School of Maori Weaponry, to which he was appointed as Tumu Whakarae (Master.
Mr Key was asked yesterday whether he had told Mr Sharples privately he would drop National's policy of abolishing the seats sometime after 2014 as the price of Maori party support, and said Mr Sharples was wrong.
Mr Sharples said he had explained his bottom lines to Mr Key, who had agreed with them.
Sharples says his bottom line is not to abolish Maori seats and Key agrees with his bottom line.
the electorate that agrees with abolition will be pretty dubious about anything Pita Sharples says anyway, and will in no way vote for the Maori Party - so he is on a hiding to nothing for speaking out.
Co-leader Pita Sharples remains confident the Maori Party will continue to be the independent voice for Maori despite becoming part of the National Party-led coalition government.
Pita Sharples is confident the Maori Party is doing what its supporters want it to.
Dr Sharples says they will remain an independent voice, but one that is now part of a government.
Dr Sharples said the "big question" was why there was so much parliamentary resistance to the concept of tangata whenua.
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples has admitted to domestic violence when he was younger, but says it does not make a mockery of his 40 years working against such behaviour in Maori communities.
Last night on TV3's 60 Minutes, Dr Sharples said there had been violence in his own home when he had had a young family.
Dr Sharples is a leading advocate against violence in Maori communities and stepped in to speak when the Kahui twins were killed.
Word on the street is that the question of just what John Key promised Pita Sharples has finally reached boiling point, with Pita Sharples repeating on Alt TV last night his claim that the National leader gave him a nudge and a wink that National will not abolish the Maori seats without Maori consent.
It does make you wonder whether Sharples is less keen on a deal with National than his co-leader Tariana Turia.
Just to go absolutely mad for a moment, could it be possible that Sharples is playing a rather dangerous game of chicken for reasons that totally escape me?  Or that Sharples is clearly remembering what he wanted to hear -- which might well prove nothing more than that, despite all efforts to prove otherwise, politicians are human after all.
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Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples says sitting down and talking with gangs is the best way forward to ensure there will not be any more retaliation killings.
Dr Sharples says that is not the right way to go.
Dr Sharples said he would raise it with.
Maori Party co-leader Dr Pita Sharples is asking the Transport Agency to hoist the.
Dr Sharples comes from the tribe of Ngāti Kahungunu of Hawkes Bay, his sub tribes are Ngāi Te Kikiri o te.