Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide of New Zealand

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Hide was born in Oxford in Canterbury.
When Douglas established the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (which later formed the ACT party), Hide had close involvement as the organisation's first chairman and president.
Hide has a reputation for strong views, for his media profile, and for his confrontational style.
Hide has developed a substantial reputation for finding and exposing "scandals", whether they relate to MPs' perks or to other governmental matters.
As a post-election strategy, Rodney Hide has focused on his high-profile attacks on prominent Labour Party MPs.
Hide has also sought to reposition the party.
Hide goes into bat for suspended union worker 5:00AM Tuesday August 26, 2008 By Lincoln Tan and Eloise Gibson Rodney Hide says Shawn Tan's suspension was.
The racism accusation by Hide was a hoot.
No, David, they are railing against the use of that clause to introduce a review of the underlying science which is what Hide is adamant hes going to do, and committee chairman Peter Dunne is equally certain hell veto.
ACT is peaking at the right time – as usual! If National get 47% of MPs and ACT 4%, Rodney Hide is going to have a lot of clout with John Key.
Rodney Hide has achieved more in opposition than most Cabinet Ministers ever achieve.
hide is in possession of a rather expensive sony camera and tripod.
IS - I know you are quite well researched, so I just want to ask that you are sure of the facts as you have stated them on this?Don't get me wrong, I think Hide has erred in going on the show at the expense of parliamentary politics, but I would just hope that your facts are right.
Hide has a reputation for his Classically Liberal views, for his "Perk Buster" profile, and for his suberb clothing style.
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However, Hide is in no doubt that his new job is a powerful one.
Rodney Hide is being urged to "wake up" and realise the days of climate scepticism are over, as he heads into a meeting with the prime minister-designate.
It's hard to say this but i agree with greenpeace Hide has to wake up.
Widely acknowledged as one of the country's most effective politicians, Rodney Hide is a tireless promoter of ACT’s vision of a free and prosperous New Zealand where the role of government is limited to protecting the freedoms of its citizens.
BeboExplore openVideoMusicAppsSkinsAuthorsGroupsSign UpLoginsearchAdvertisementAllMembersBlogPollsRodney Hide RodneyHideMPBecome a MemberUse this SkinSend-ItReport AbuseSurf similar GroupsRodney Hide is New Zealand’s leading proponent of accountability and transparency in government.
Personally, I'm voting for Act because I don't like John Key and absolutely refuse to vote for Helen! Mr Hide is one of New Zealands few politicians who deserve to be looked up to! and he can dance.
Streamlining the Resource Management Act (RMA) is off to a good start with yesterday's announcement of the RMA Technical Advisory Group to support the Government's programme of reform of the Resource Management Act, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Hon Rodney Hide said today.
innovative way, and on world class level.
Rodney Hide was asked about tax cuts.
Rodney Hide said he would probably support the bill.
When Richard Prebble stepped down, only Rodney Hide had a website.
Based on this, it appeared to me that Rodney Hide was ready.
opinion Rodney is the most outgoing personality.
Rodney Hide is New Zealand’s leading proponent of accountability and transparency in government.
Makes me suspect that this is the expenditure area which Hide has his eyes set on in that Regulatory Review portfolio and so Key gave him an inexperienced Minister to work with.
I had begun to worry that Hide had become so narcissistic over his weight loss and various stage performances that he had disappeared up his own ego.
Hide has been in the news nightly.
Mr Hide said the move showed the absurdity of the act and the Labour-led Government that passed it.
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The new Minister for Regulatory Responsibility, Rodney Hide, says he's going to cut the red tape that's tying up New Zealand.
Mr Hide was given the job under the ACT Party's support agreement with National -- as well as Minister for Local Government -- and he wants to get to work quickly.
Mr Hide was on TV One's CloseUp programme, where he was shown cases of property owners who were facing costly compliance rules for work they wanted to do.
Mr Hide said getting rid of red tape would help the country get through tough economic times.
Mr Hide said he wanted anyone suffering bureaucratic problems to get in touch with him.
Periodically through his career, reports have appeared that Hide was refocusing on his core values and staying away from scandal.
His National opponent in Epsom, Richard Worth is campaigning hard for the seat, noting that Hide has been a bit casual in attending debates in the electorate this week missing one high school debate in front of mostly non-voting age students.
But like Peters in Tauranga, Hide has spent a great deal of time between election building up his local base.
Worths camp maintains Hide was helped to victory in 2005 by orders from National headquarters to stop campaigning in the late stages.
Hide has sat through every hearing of the privileges committee investigating Peters so far.
ACT leader Rodney Hide is pushing hard to sell his bill aimed at restricting rates rises.
Mr Hide says his bill caters for that, as councils will have to either seek a referendum or go to the Minister of Local Government to get permission to break the cap.
Hide joined several thousand people who marched in Auckland in protest at the Government's Electoral Finance Bill.
Mr Hide is believed to have complained to National leader Don Brash about the claim, sent out in a press statement and alluded to in a letter to Epsom electors.
Announcing his "Epsom Fight Back", Mr Worth said in the release he was committed to winning the seat back and believed Mr Hide had deceptively suggested the electorate would get four or five Act MPs if Mr Hide won the seat.
Mr Hide supports widespread drug legalisation for example, a stance that will horrify many in Epsom.
Mr Hide was evasive when asked about the claims.
outside school hours on trucks transporting agricultural loads with maximum efficiency and being given increased responsibility until he became fascinated by science, in particular the science of our DNA.
It was while working for Alan Gibbs that Hide met Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, began working with them on their books and became involved with the Act party.
As well as being leader of ACT New Zealand, Rodney Hide is my local MP, a position he's held for just over three years.
this years Act Party conference in March.
power dieting socio-physical transformation of Epsom Man.
all its worth ( no pun intended) again this year.
You lot are so damned gullible! Rodney Hide has got Roger Douglas in his ACT party again and for anyone with half a brain you would know that Douglas screwed N.
Also Mr Hide has been pointing the finger at Winston Peters about where he has got his funding.
After an indicative ballot of the party's members, Rodney Hide was chosen as Prebble's successor.
In the end, however, Hide was successful, and was announced as the party's new leader on 13 June 2004.
ACT's best prospect of winning an electorate was in the relatively wealthy National-held Epsom seat where Hide was standing.
Hide has also sought to rebrand the party.
While not moving away from ACT's key tenets of freedom, choice, and personal responsibility, Hide has said that provided the governing Labour Party promise (amongst other things) significant tax cuts, ACT could provide the centre-left party with support.
ACT Party leader Rodney Hide is talking up the skills of Sir Roger Douglas, despite John Keys insistence there is no cabinet place for him.
Rodney Hide has confirmed ACT will support a National-led government, a move which will allow John Key to become prime minister.
Police have been called in to investigate whether Act Leader Rodney Hide has broken election advertising rules, simply by wearing his yellow jacket.
Rodney Hide is promising to spend his Christmas break reading about what regulations New Zealanders do not want.
Act Party leader Rodney Hide is confident politics will not get in the way of the police investigation into New Zealand First.