Attorney General Hernan Estrada of Nicaragua

Estrada is General Prosecutor of the Republic of Nicaragua and has no participation in the private sector.
Note: Hernan Estrada is the Procurador General de la Republica, imo the equivalent to Attoney General in the USA.
Estrada said that the new government has “a responsibility” to settle the property issue and claimed that outstanding property conflicts have been resolved more quickly than under the previous three governments since 1991.
Estrada has been emphatic that under his direction the Attorney General’s Office will become “a leading and credible institution in the defense of the Rule of Law” , that will stamp out corruption “at all levels” and put an end to land invasions and the land speculation and trafficking associated with them.
Attorney General Hernan Estrada has called the original purchase price "ridiculous.
Attorney General Hernan Estrada said his institution is “committed to defending the Pearl Cays … which is trying to steal” from the indigenous communities.