Minister of Interior and Decentralization Albade Abouba of Niger

Albadé Abouba is a Nigerien politician, currently serving in the government as Minister of State for the Interior, Public Security, and Decentralization.
Abouba is a Peulh Bororo (Wodaabe) from the area of Kao in Tchin-Tabaraden District, which is part of Tahoua Department.
In order to avoid having three MNSD ministers from Tahoua Department in the government that was formed in December 2004, Abouba was left out and was instead appointed as advisor to the Presidency, while holding the rank of Minister.
Abouba was again appointed Minister of the Interior and Decentralization in the government named on March 1, 2007, and in the government of Prime Minister Seyni Oumarou, named on June 9, 2007, he was promoted to the position of Minister of State for the Interior, Public Security and Decentralization.
Albadé Abouba is the President of this Committee and Mr.
Interior Minister Albade Abouba said in a statement that "armed bandits" had launched "a series of attacks on buses driving along the main trans-Sahara highway in northern Niger.
Alzouma is being prosecuted because of an article claiming that interior minister Albadé Abouba took advantage of Prime Seini Oumarous absence to award a US company a contract for the transport of pilgrims to Mecca that had already promised to a local company.
the group in the Air mountains fell into an ambush," Interior Minister Albade Abouba said in a statement read on national radio on Tuesday.