Minister and Chairman, National Sports Commission Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba of Nigeria

I know that Gimba was the only minister who showed that he had a drive for how to make sports work.
Nigeria Ministerfor Sports and Social Development/ Chairman of the National Sports Commission, Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba has canceled his return flight reservation back to Nigeria in order to remain with the Super Eagles at the African Cup of Nations.
Chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Barrister Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba has disclosed that he may not be able to call Dr Amos Adamu to order inspite of deluge of accusations levelled against the Director General of the Sports Commission.
The NSC chairman/minister explained that the meetings were aimed at a review of the situation of sports in the country generally, with recent events as the standpoint.
Even Gimba is aware of this new drive, as he readily admitted in that same speech that a new sports policy will soon come into place with the submission of the General Ishola Williams-led committee’s report to the Federal government.
I will certainly assist when the need arises, Barrister Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba said as he handed nine copies of documented notes to Dr Zaku.
The fear was based on the fact that Gimba was a total stranger to sports and would probably fail like those before him.
When it was time for the games, Gimba was among the first Nigerian top officials to arrive Beijing.
When it was time for Paralympics, Gimba was also among the first officials to arrive and he stayed throughout.
Gimba was always in his hotel room.
When Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba was appointed sports minister, I called for support for the him when many people were expressing disappointment.
The former minister and Chairman of the NSC, Barrister Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba had actually announced the dissolution of the LOC when the Federal Government withdrew from hosting the champuionship, a decision they later reversed.
Nigerian Sports Minister Abdulrahman Hassan Gimba met late Monday with NFL boss Oyuki Obaseki and top sports official Patrick Ekeji to resolve the controversy surrounding the appointment of referees for league matches, which forced the postponment of the season start from last weekend.