Minister of State for Agriculture and Water Resources Adamu Maina Waziri of Nigeria

In this regard, Alhaji Waziri said that the statements are defamatory as it carries criminal imputations of the plaintiff having committed criminal offences of incitement, assault, disturbance of public peace and destruction of public peace which attract maximum penal sanctions under the law.
In this regard, Waziri is seeking a perpetual injunction restraining the Deputy Speaker and Post Express from publishing and circulating the defamatory article or any other statement and a further order to retract the defamatory statement.
Obasanjo still remains the best president Nigeria ever had.
Waziri said Yobe was among the few states that were yet to hold local polls.
Waziri has mentioned that the future of Nigerian children is tied to their proficiency in ICT, called on state government to emulate the standards set by the Fund.