Minister of Internal Affairs Godwin Abbe of Nigeria

The recruitment process according to General Abbe is expected to commence on July 5 for the Superintendent cadre where 528 will be recruited and on July 12 for the Inspectorate cadre where 3000 will be recruited with the aim of selecting the best officers for the Prison Service.
Abbe said that he was hopeful that his discussions with Hanson would pave the way for the repatriation of the prisoners.
Abbe said that the essence of the security meeting was to intimate superintendents about their responsibilities.
Abbe said on the occasion that the council was to facilitate the implementation of the current restructuring of the fire sector, aimed at giving the country “a deserving fire service.
Abbe said the council had responsibility to formulate laws and advise government on matters affecting fire safety delivery in the country.
Okay, Abbe came into golf in 1993 when he was a GOC in Ibadan.
Before this period, General Abbe was into squash.
and the condition in the prison yards.
to see about 150 inmates in a cell allegedly built for 30.
Responding, the Interior Minister, Retired Major General Godwin Abbe said all Security Agencies under the Ministry had been sensitized on the need to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to effectively combat the menace of money laundering, terrorism financing, and human trafficking.
Interior Minister Godwin Abbe said Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua had asked British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for help at a Commonwealth summit in Uganda that ended on Sunday.
Abbe said a committee will soon be set up to work on details of an assistance programme from Nigeria's former colonial ruler.