Minister of Environment and Housing Halima Tayo Alao of Nigeria

Alao described the manner in which residents of Ibadan dumped refuse into Ogunpa River as unhygienic.
Alao said the Federal Government recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNEP for the release of 230,000 dollars to execute a national chemicals management project.
Alao said government is intensifying efforts towards implementing relevant policies for the achievement of low carbon emmission as part of national mitigation and adaptation measures.
failures, rising sea level within coastal areas and high rate of water borne diseases.
Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development, Halima Tayo Alao said this at the National workshop on Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) mapping for Nigeria which held in Abuja.
The Minister of State for Health, Mrs Halima Tayo Alao has said recent studies have shown that at least four million people die in Africa annually as a result of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, all of which are disease burdens most prevalent in the continent.
Halima Tayo Alao, Ministe Alao said this in Abuja while addressing members of the Senate Committee on Environment.
The Kwara state government-owned newspaper, The Herald, had, in its edition of Wednesday, 10 December, 2008, reported that Alao was involved in the resale of a federal government property in Lagos, during her tenure as a minister, using a businessman as a front.
The newspaper said the business mogul had been unable to take over the property because Alao was not able to perfect the contract deal before president Umaru Yar’Adua dropped her in a major cabinet reshuffle.
in the country are rigorously being pursued by the ministry.
Mrs Alao said the rally was staged as a significant catalyst and solution for mobilising Nigerians against the looming negative consequences of climate change.
Former Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development Halima Tayo Alao has denied a newspaper report over her alleged involvement in N100 million scandal while in her former office.
Halima Tayo Alao has denied alleged involvement in N100 million scandal while in office.