Minister of Labor and Productivity Hassan Lawal of Nigeria

Hassan Muhammad Lawal has served both State and Federal Governments in various capacities such as: a.
Hassan Lawal is now being known as Triple Minister.
Hassan Lawal is serving his third term as Labour Minister.
Hassan Muhammed Lawal is a Nigerian politician from Nasarawa State.
about 529,000 women die every year.
2 billion, for malaria control efforts over the next three years, Minister of Health Hassan Lawal said at a recent press briefing ahead of World Malaria Day, This Day reports.
To address the situation, the country has provided malaria drugs to pregnant women and children nationwide and has distributed more than 15 million insecticide-treated nets to about six million households, Lawal said (Nzeshi, This Day, 4/21.
The Minister of Labour, Dr Hassan Lawal has commended the Nigeria Labour Congress for its sense of maturity in handling disputes matters in the country.
Appearing before the Senate on Tuesday, Lawal said it was better for Nigeria to ensure her refineries were functional than for it to rely on importation.
Hassan Lawal said the seven point agenda of the present administration was drawn from the need for deeper reflection on social and economic development of the nation.
Health Minister Hassan Lawal has also advised parents.
Lawal said that the ministry had introduced a series of HIV and AIDS surveys to monitor the epidemic and the factors influencing it.
Lawal expressed dismay with the NLC particularly on its plan to resume strike action this week over the recent hike in fuel prices.
Lawal said contrary to the belief that the bill was aimed at emasculating the labour, it was designed to create "a robust environment for trade unionism to flourish in the country.
Lawal said it has become imperative to reduce the malaria scourge to the barest minimum by 2010, because it has become the highest cause of morbidity among children under the age of five.
Lawal said the policy provided guidelines to facilitate the establishment of workplace responses to HIV/Aids in both the formal and informal sectors.