Minister of Mines and Steel Development Sarafa Tunji Isola of Nigeria

Another top PDP stalwart in the state who spoke to THISDAY, said he was not happy that Isola was dropped from Yar' Adua's cabinet, alleging that Daniel will find it difficult to exonerate himself from the episode, bearing in mind that he allegedly opposed the nomination of the minister last year.
Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola was appointed to the position of Minister of Mines and Steel Development in 2007.
In 1997 Chief Isola was elected chairman of Abeokuta North Local Government of Ogun state and two years later was appointed special assistant to the Minister of Finance.
ACCRA, Nigeria (Thomson Financial) - Nigeria wants to accelerate investment in its minerals sector, minister of mining development and steel Sarafa Tunji Isola said on Wednesday.
Isola said his country should concentrate its efforts on coal, bitumen, limestone, iron ore, barite, gold and lead.
Isola said the ministry was determined to develop the solid minerals sector through the private sector-led drive, noting that the response from the international community had been impressive.
Isola was in South-Korea on an official assignment at the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Conference in Seoul when he received news of his removal.
Chief Isola said Australian, being a mining country, with extensive minerals and mining exploration, could be of immense relevance to the country, in the effort to open up the sector.