Governor, Bank of Norway Svein Gjedrem of Norway

Svein Gjedrem has attended the Bilderberg meetings.
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In the face of vocal opposition, Svein Gjedrem has been keeping Norway’s interest rates low in an attempt to boost Norway’s GDP, which turned in a feeble 0.
Gjedrem is no stranger to criticism and last year shrugged off concerns that his monetary stimulus was likely to cause a sharp increase in prices.
Gjedrem expressed concern that further tax increases will put the Norwegian welfare state in jeopardy.
However, Gjedrem expressed concern over the current structure and pricing of public services as well as the many tasks assumed by the public sector.
Pension schemes and the application of social security rules should also be changed to provide better incentives and opportunities to seek employment,” Gjedrem said in an address to Norges Bank’s Supervisory Council.
Gjedrem said he was in India to look for sectors where Norway could invest $220 billion of funds available in the Norwegian Petroleum insurance Fund through its investment arm Norges Bank Investment Management.
Norway’s central bank Governor Svein Gjedrem said economic reports since the last interest-rate decision in October have been “negative” and borrowing costs are set to fall further.
The expectation that we will cut rates is a good prediction,” Gjedrem said in an interview in Oslo today.
The decision came as a surprise to most analysts, who believed that the 2,5 percent level was as low as Gjedrem was going to go.
Gjedrem has saved jobs by doing this, especially jobs on the coast.
5 percent target, Norges Bank governor Svein Gjedrem said Thursday.
Speaking to parliament, Gjedrem said continuing inflation pressure in the Norwegian economy means the Norwegian crown is likely to maintain its strength for the time being.
5 per cent," Norges Bank governor Svein Gjedrem said in a statement.
Svein Gjedrem said in a speech published on the bank's website.
OSLO (Thomson Financial) - Norway's central bank governor Svein Gjedrem said that amid the current global financial turmoil, central banks needed to remain closely watching tackling inflation as a top priority.
Gjedrem said a new, globalised world did not change that paradigm.
Over the past year, import prices and food prices have increased, and against this background the monetary stance may have to be on the tight side for a period,' Norges Bank Governor Svein Gjedrem said in a speech published on the bank's website.
Gjedrem said high capacity utilisation has gradually pushed up Norwegian inflation.
The Norwegian scheme is probably slightly naive in its design,' Gjedrem said in a prepared copy of his speech.
foreseen just one to three months ago due to the global financial crisis.
Gjedrem said it considered the smaller cut largely because of a steep recent drop in the crown.
Gjedrem said "If the outlook changes in relation to the picture we have tried to draw, it will be of significance for rate setting.