Minister of Culture and Church Affairs Trond Giske of Norway

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Norwegian Minister of Culture Trond Giske said he hopes for more financial support from Russia to cultural projects in the High North.
As one of the most prominent Labour politicians in Norway, Giske has had numerous appearances in the media.
Giske was appointed Minister of Culture and Church Affairs in the second cabinet formed by Jens Stoltenberg.
Trond Giske received a bachelor's degree at the age of 30, and like many politicians, has had no relevant job experience outside of politics - with the exception of a summer job as a journalist at a small newspaper at the age of 20.
Back in July of course, Giske was voicing his concerns about Mecom all over the place.
I’m not sure Giske has actually looked into his toolbox, but he does have useful tools at his disposal.
Now it seems Giske has had some time to rummage through his tool box, and look what he's come up with.
Giske has previously hinted at how the Government may introduce new media laws and e.
Schibsted's efforts to forge a merger that will dwarf just about any player in the Norwegian newspaper market have been the cause of much debate recently, and Giske has expressed his usual worries about diversity and local democracy.
Giske said he was concerned about diversity, and the impact of syndication on staffing level.
Giske said he is giving Montgomery the benefit of the doubt, that must be why he expresses so many doubts whenever he talks about Montgomery and Mecom.
Giske expressed his assuredness, that soon Russian citizens will travel to the European Union without visas and the cooperation in the Barents Region will set an example.
The Gaming Intelligence Group reports that Culture Minister Trond Giske said that Norway is working to introduce a new law to enforce the existing ban on internet gambling by making illegal for Norwegian banks to make transfers to foreign internet gambling firms.
council in employment question," Giske said at a news conference.
Giske said the cabinet had discussed the matter, adding that \'Norway has never considered being the only country to stay away.
During his visit to China Giske said he aimed to discuss human rights and freedom of expression.
Norway has never considered being the only country to stay away.
07Giske has announced he is preparing a white paper on the country’s film industry, which will be presented to the Norwegian parliament next spring.
11/11/2008 :: Trond Giske was also in meetings with representatives from the American library establishment to learn from American experiences, and discuss the future of the library as an important public institution and place of learning.
At the time Giske was said to be aiming for Parliamentary approval in the summer.
Giske has repeatedly made it clear that he is an opponent of online gambling and frequently cites its risks for problem gamblers.
Trond Giske is a Norwegian politician and the current Minister of Culture and Church Affairs representing the Norwegian Labour Party in the government headed by Jens Stoltenberg.
Giske was elected into the Norwegian parliament for Sør-Trøndelag county in 1997, and served as Minister of Education, Research and Church Affairs in the first cabinet of Jens Stoltenberg 2000-2001.
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As Norway’s minister of cultural and Church affairs, who is in charge of sports, Giske had been expected to represent the Scandinavian country at the opening ceremony in Beijing on August 8.
Norwegian culture minister Trond Giske is dangling a carrot and stick in front of the local film biz.
Still, Giske has high hopes for the future.