Minister of Health Ali bin Muhammad bin Musa of Oman

i submitted to sbu muhammad: may i be sacrificed for you, where is my sayyed? he replied: i have placed him in the trust of a person to whom um-e-musa had entrusted her child.
the bird held him in his claws and flapped away into the skies: my child, I trust you to teh same entity to whom um-e-musa had entrusted her child.
Therefore, he will soon be returned to you as musa was returned to his mother.
In physics and astronomy, Muhammad ibn Musa was a pioneer of astrophysics and celestial mechanics.
believed seriously that Musa was the Qa’im and the Mahdi.
descent from the 7th Imam, Musa al-Kazim (a.
Sea and those who travel on the mainland.