Minister of Labor Juma bin Ali bin Juma of Oman

At a press conference held at the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) yesterday, Juma said the first stage of the seminar will be held at Seih Al Salihat in the wilayat of Shinas from January 31 to February 2, while the second stage will be held at Seih Al Masarrat in the wilayat of Ibri from February 15 to 17 under the auspices of Sayyid Saud bin Ibrahim Al Busaidi, minister of interior.
Juma said the first manpower employment seminar held in 2001 called for enhanced cooperation between the public and private sectors to provide Omanis with more job opportunities.
Juma said evening workshops will be held to discuss the general sessions to be held during the morning session.
Dr Juma said that projects like The Wave are important as they provide employment potential for the Omani nationals.
The Middle Eastern country also handed over a draft memorandum of understanding for manpower recruitment to Bangladesh yesterday when visiting Omanese Minister for Manpower Juma bin Ali bin Juma met Foreign Adviser Iftekhar A Chowdhury.
When the visiting minister's attention was drawn to the recent complaints by Bangladeshi expatriate workers of being unpaid by employers in countries such as Malaysia and Kuwait, Juma said that Omani labour law gives the same privilege to foreign workers as it does to locals.
BTW Juma Ali Juma was also the chairman of the Tender board.
Ahmed also informed that Dr Juma had sought the help of the Indian government in technical training and some bilateral relationship in the technological sector.
Dr Juma has promised to look into this,” Ahmed said.
Juma said that events like this are the perfect platform for Omani youth looking for career options in the tourism sector and for establishments, which provide qualification and training in the sector.
MUSCAT — A 45-year-old Indian initiative offering scholarships to foreign nationals to attend training programmes in leading educational institutions in the country has helped Omanis acquire higher skills, Manpower Minister Dr Juma bin Ali bin Juma said here on Sunday night.
Manpower Minister Dr Juma bin Ali bin Juma said the sector played a key role in terms of the huge number of jobs offered by local and foreign construction companies operating in the country.
Juma said the ministry in co-ordination with the private sector and OCCI was striving to remove all obstacles that hindered “progress of human resources development in the Sultanate and all categories in society.
Touching upon the issue of his country’s requirement, Ali bin Juma said Oman needed skilled professionals like doctors, engineers and technicians.
Apart from manpower export, Iftekhar and Juma discussed ways to increase trade and investment between the two countries.
Omans Manpower Minister Juma Bin Ali Bin Juma Al Juma said the country is looking for university professors, doctors, engineers and technicians.
Our visas are now more open for Bangladeshis than ever before, Al Juma said after meeting with Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, foreign affairs adviser to Bangladesh.
Dr Juma said Oman requires skilled manpower like doctors, engineers, technicians and other professionals.
Apart from manpower export, Dr Iftekhar and Dr Juma discussed on how to increase the trade and investment between the two countries.
Bin Juma said the GCC countries favour cutting down the foreign workforce by depending on technology rather than intensive and cheap manpower.