Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Minerals bin Ali Sultan Maqbul of Oman

In an interview to Oman News Agency, Maqbul said that the progress achieved during the past 32 years was aimed at developing the capabilities of Omani citizens.
In a press statement, Minister Maqbul said Oman and the US concluded their FTA negotiations last October and US President George Bush notified the Congress, which would approve the agreement within 90 days.
Minister Maqbul said that the Sultanate of Oman took several initiatives to improve its industrial sector and trade in the last 35 years.
Maqbul said Iran will sell Oman approximately 1 billion cubic meters per day, depending on gas quantity in the new gas fields in the Iranian territorial waters.
Maqbul said progress had been made on the financial side of the project and said he expected implementation of the project to gather speed.