Minister of Special Initiatives Lal Muhammad Khan of Pakistan

Diwan Lal Muhammad Khan was a courtier and also a commander of an army of 5000 soldiers during the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir.
Diwan Allah Buksh Khan was the son of Diwan Lal Muhammad Khan.
Diwan Muhammad Hamid Khan was appointed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh as the Sardar (Head) of the Toshakhana (Treasury.
Diwan Kamaluddin Khan was a prominent personality and among the elite of Amritsar, India.
Khan Ata Muhammad Khan was an eminent and distinguished personality and among the elite of Amritsar, India.
Khan was a poet and writer of significant stature.
Khan Ata Muhammad Khan had excellent relations with Allama Syed Jamal ud din Afghani.
Khan Ata Muhammad Khan was also well connected with other Muslim leaders such as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Nawab of Loharu, and Abdullah Al Amadi.
Khan was a winner of many prestigious Civil Awards from the government of Pakistan and received an illustrious award from the government of Philippines.
Mariam Khan is married to Meboob Ali Khan.
Since then, Sial Khan is roaming in Bara despite warrants for his arrest.
Dad Khan took over as the Governor of Kashmir.
Maulana is getting more support from his native Dargai.
During the tenure of both the dignitaries, the post was called �Deputy President� instead of deputy speaker and Khan Mohammad Sarwar Khan was the first one, who was called provincial deputy speaker.
Sikhs on the capitulation of the Bannu fort in 1848.
revenue due from the latter was made its malik as well.
grandfather of Khan Zaman named in the last paragraph.
At his death Sher Khan was a child.