Minister of Zakat and Ushr Noorul Haq Qadari of Pakistan

Despite belonging to spiritual and extremely religious family of Landi Kotal, Noorul Haq Qadari had no affiliation with the MMA, the sources said, adding that his chances of joining the MMA in the assembly were remote.
PESHAWAR (APP): President Tanzeem Ahl Sunnat waal Jamat Khyber Agency MNA, Pir Muhammad Noorul Haq Qadari has urged all the religious and political parties wage joint efforts for maintenance of peace in the country.
Speaking on the occasion, MNA Pir Muhammad Noorul Haq Qadari said the federal and provincial governments should create a conducive atmosphere for maintenance of peace in every nook and corner of the country.
MNA Noorul Haq Qadari said Tanzeem Ahl Sunnat has decided call a `Grand Tribal Jirga' for restoring peace in NWFP and tribal areas.