Minister of Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti of Pakistan

all this cases must be trialed under PPC or CLPC.
miseries of their families and children could be ended.
Masih proceeded to inform me that Shahbaz Bhatti had been taken out of context when newspapers reported that he had said that Pakistan's minorities now enjoyed equal opportunities.
Not to be be thrown off message, however, he then continued to try to convince me that Bhatti was doing all that he could and that Muslim militants were out to destroy his reputation by misquoting him.
I admit that it is possible that Shahbaz Bhatti was misquoted.
Bhatti is truly concerned to clear his name (as today's phone call would seem to suggest), I am still waiting for him to send out a press release stating clearly that Christians in Pakistan do NOT enjoy equal opportunities.
He said Bhatti has a long record of service to minorities, particularly the Christian community.
Shahbaz Bhatti is greatly encouraged by the recent development and thanked CSW and its supporters for all their prayers, solidarity and campaign efforts.
Shahbaz Bhatti had been struggling for minorities’ rights for several years.
Delivering his maiden speech on 29 March to Pakistan’s lower house, the National Assembly, Mr Bhatti said that in Pakistan religious minorities are suffering because of discriminatory laws, which violate all democratic norms and international standards of human rights.
Bhatti is trying to work within the society and within the country," says Thomas Farr, director of the Department of State's Office of International Religious Freedom.
For many years, Bhatti has been the foremost activist for the repeal of the country’s blasphemy laws and for equal rights for all religious minorities.
As the new minister for minorities affairs, Bhatti has promised to propose legislative reform to protect minorities’ rights and promote unity and understanding between different groups.
Jesus is the nucleus of my life," Bhatti said when he took the oath for office in November, according to Asia News, "and I want to be His true follower through my actions by sharing the love of God with poor, oppressed, victimized, needy and suffering people of Pakistan.
Shahbaz Bhatti is a prominent Christian human rights activist.
Shahbaz Bhatti is voice of his masters and 15 million Christians condemn his such stat.
In addition, Bhatti says he experienced an assassination attempt in August.
Bhatti is in grave danger because he is the voice of the voiceless, oppressed, persecuted and terrorized religious minorities of Pakistan, and the government wants that voice silenced.
Bhatti received help from former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on October 30.
Bhatti has been peacefully serving Pakistan’s minorities since 1985.
Bhatti is protected from harm, slander and all injustice.
Mr Bhatti said the local administration should devise strategies to curb terrorism so that the people belonging to minorities could realize some sense of safety and security.
ISLAMABAD, Sept 21: All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (Apma) Chairman and member of National Assembly Shahbaz Bhatti has termed the suicide blast at Marriott hotel the worst act of terrorism.
Mr Bhatti said this coward attack was committed by elements that were against democratic rule, integrity of Pakistan, prosperity of people and progressive moderate people’s friendly policies of the government.
LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) Highlighting minorities sacrifices and contribution in the creation of Pakistan, the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Chief Shahbaz Bhatti has said that since the province Punjab at the time of partition became part of Pakistan with decisive votes of minorities, therefore the governor of province Punjab should be from among minorities communities.
Shahbaz Bhatti was hardly visible as he was approaching the stage.
I have never aspired after power, affluence, offices and privileges but I only pray to God that I get martyred while fighting for the rights of religious minorities communities, Bhatti said amid shouts: “Qaid teray naam pay shahdat bhi qabool hey” (We are ready to accept martyrdom in your name.
Referring to the oft-quoted speech of the founding father of Pakistan, Bhatti said that Jinnahs August 11 speech is the basis of Pakistan foundation and policy.
The presence of members of all minorities communities at the rally will dispel impression that the APMA is not a representative alliance of all minorities, Bhatti said while answering a question.
Bhatti said they were going to demand religious freedom and equal rights for Pakistani minorities at the rally.
Shahbaz Bhatti had submitted a bill in the National Assembly Secretariat that urged the government to increase minorities' seats in the four provincial assemblies as well as in the national assembly.
Bhatti has also been striving for minorities' representation in Senate, the upper house of Pakistan Parliament.
Shahbaz Bhatti is the first parliamentarian who made history by assuming the office of Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs as his predecessors from the minorities communities were only offered the portfolio of State Minister for Minorities affairs.
Shahbaz Bhatti receives International Religious Freedom Award FINLAND: Mr Shahbaz Bhatti, Chairman of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) Sunday received “International Religious Freedom Award” in an award ceremony in Finland.
Mr Shahbaz Bhatti is the first ever Pakistani to receive this award.
Former US Ambassador for religious freedom Mr Robert Seiple said that Mr Bhatti is a " tremendous role model for the human rights defenders.
The Goodwill Ambassador of WEA and their United Nations spokesperson Johan Candelin, Chairman of FMC, in presenting the award to Mr Bhatti said.
Shahbaz Bhatti has said that the present government has taken a number of initiatives for the welfare and protection of rights of minorities under the dynamic leadership of President of Mr.
Shahbaz Bhatti said that the government attaches its high priority to promote inter-faith harmony and dialogue among the different religions.
Shahbaz Bhatti said that the government is taking revolutionary and concrete steps to address the issues and problems being faced by the minorities.
Shahbaz Bhatti is known to be a Roman Catholic congregate in Pakistan and funded by Catholic Bishops Conference to run his All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA.
The Harvest International Ministry also manages “Mercey Ministries” and Shahbaz Bhatti was also on website representing and working with it.
It was clear among millions of Christian in Pakistan that Shahbaz Bhatti is living on donation funds for poor Christian collected by Catholic Church of Pakistan from abroad and managing his tours abroad.
It was also doubted that Shahbaz Bhatti is collecting huge funds in name of poor Pakistani from different organizations but it surprised Pakistani Catholics that is an ordained Apostle.
It is still surprising that when some one visits website of Harvest International Ministries now even and types in search engine of website “Pakistan” the picture is hidden but name of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, Shahbaz Bhatti is still readable.
He never led any major Christian protest procession against blasphemy laws nor observed any hunger strike except couple with Martyr Bishop John Joseph on persecutions of Christians in Pakistan but still he claims himself champion of human rights! He was never arrested on press conference contents even because he was not a threat to government of Pakistan! He has been secretly bargaining on discriminatory laws imposed on minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan! The Christians of Pakistan do not know about his business and profession for living but still he pays heavy bills of seminars and press conferences organized by him in five star hotels for which he is very famous among political circles of Pakistan! Is he a media leader and tool of hidden forces? Before we discuss mysterious character of Clement Shahbaz Bhatti, we must put forward the fate of J Salik, Ex Federal Minister of Population Planning in PPP regime, who was also in cover up but tool of Muslim religious leaders and funded by them.
Its also crystal clear fact that Clement Shahbaz Bhatti is one who stabbed in back of Christian community by demanding Joint Election System for minorities in Pakistan on directives of Muslim leaders and Pakistan Peoples Party.
Shahbaz Bhatti met General Parvez Mushraf only a week before formation of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA.
Rufin Julius, A catholic Priest from Gujranwala city decided to run for elections of National Assembly of Pakistan under Separate Electorate against the will of Bishops Conference of Pakistan, the decision was made to polish the image of a new layman with church support and funding to represent churches on political front and Shahbaz Bhatti was adopted.
The issue of blasphemy laws and all other discriminatory laws imposed on Christians are major issues when Shahbaz Bhatti has been totally failed to readdress the problems.
It may be read that fate of Shahbaz Bhatti is approaching to a total rejection soon by the Christian masses as they rejected J Salik.
non-Muslim citizens of the country.
laws of the religious minorities and affected their fundamental rights.
Shahbaz Bhatti is no stranger to threats and harassment.
Despite the threats, Bhatti is determined to continue.
8/21/07 Pakistan (ANS) -- The All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Chief Shahbaz Bhatti has said that the culture of interfaith harmony cannot emerge in the country unless every Pakistani gets equal rights.
assuming the office of Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs as his predecessors from the minorities’ communities were only offered the portfolio of State Minister for Minorities affairs.
Driven by his passion to change the plight of Pakistani Christians, Shahbaz Bhatti has effectively raised the voice of Pakistani minorities from the platform of a Christian organization, he founded in 1985.
Shahbaz Bhatti has been calling for repeal of the laws seen as draconian, unjust, and discriminatory by Pakistani minorities and human rights organizations.
Shahbaz Bhatti said he was moved to see poverty-stricken Christian youth who were not able to study due to daunting odds stacked against them.
Shahbaz Bhatti took up the issue with him.
Bhatti took up the matter with concerned authorities when some seventeen Christians were abducted by armed militants in northwest Pakistan in June 2008.
IslamabadMember parliament on Pakistan People’s Party’s reserve seat for minorities and APMA Chairman Shahbaz Bhatti has asked the authorities concerned to give more representation to minorities in the upper house of the parliament by increasing the existing quota.
Negating the allegation of misusing blasphemous law and playing in the hands of foreigners Bhatti said that this is totally propaganda against the community.
Bhatti has been one of the most outspoken critics of extremist views in Pakistan.
Bhatti is a vocal advocate for religious liberty and other human rights in Pakistan.
Bhatti has now been placed on the Government of Pakistan's Exit Control List, and he is not permitted to travel outside of the country.
Bhatti is on the front lines against extremists and he deserves the full support of the Administration.
of religious minorities in Pakistan.