Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sheherbano Rehman of Pakistan

BiographyEarly life and educationShahrbano Rehman was born in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan onDecember 21, 1960.
CareerJournalismSherry Rehman has been a seniorjournalist for twenty years.
In the National Assembly, Rehman has served as Convener of theParliamentary Sub-Committee on Media and Public Diplomacy for Kashmir andmember of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir, and Foreign RelationsCommittee in the PPP.
Rehman has always been at the forefront of campaigns forbetter wages for journalists.
PoliticianSherry Rehman is considered to bea leading woman politician in Pakistan, one of only two women among the 24cabinet ministers appointed March 31, 2008.
As President of Policy Planningfor the PPP, Rehman has been responsible for co-coordinating and draftingtalking points for the party, for formulating formal party strategy papers ondiverse subjects and for shorter current position papers for the leadership.
During her over half-a-decadeassociation with the Pakistan Peoples Party, Rehman has braved arrests as wellas illegal confinement by security agencies on several occasions.
Rehman has had the privilege anddistinction of representing Pakistan at the UN General Assembly session in1994.
Rehman was also invited by the prestigiousCarnegie Institute for International Peace in Washington to speak on ‘PakistanToday: Policy Challenges and US.
In this respect, Rehman is theChairman of the Lady Dufferin Foundation Trust, the largest non-profit providerof women and children's subsidized health-care in the province of Sindh.
Rehman is also one of the founding members of the HumanRights Commission of Pakistan.
Currently, Rehman lives between Islamabad,where apart from fulfilling her parliamentary and Party obligations, she headsthe Jinnah Institute, and Karachi, where she is the director of a multi-media designfirm and founder of a heritage trust, the Indus Foundation.
As its FoundingChair, Sherry Rehman has held two-week-long parliamentary orientation workshopsin Pakistan for women legislators in 2003, supported by the Westminster Foundation forDemocracy.
MarriageSherry Rehman is married torenowned banker Nadeem Hussain.
Awards2002: Rehman was the first Pakistani to be recognized with an award for independent journalism by the UK House of Lords in its Muslim World Awards Ceremony in the year 2002.
Sherry Rehman took the additional charge of Ministry of Women Development on May 17, 2008.
And Sherry Rehman is one tough cookie.
Kashmala Tariq is to the PML Q what Sherry Rehman is to the PPP.
Video Watch Sherry Rehman's interview with CNN "It's beginning to look like a cover-up to me," Rehman said in a CNN interview.
Rehman said Bhutto was hemorrhaging on the way to the hospital and that the two cars used to get her there were blood-soaked.
The charismatic, competent, dynamic, beautiful, smart and intelligent, Sherry Rehman is one of the rising stars of the Pakistan Peoples Party but also of Pakistan.
Rehman is wishing she wasn?t here.
Khan, but this time his son Fazlur Rehman has been defeated in this area from Faisal Karim Kundi.
While media reports indicate that bird flu has been located in Kolkata, the State Animal Resources Development Minister Anisur Rehman has claimed that the situation is under control in West Bengal and there are no reports of further spread of bird flu in the State.
Earlier, Rehman had confirmed that Cooc.
Celebrated music director A R Rehman has set up a state-of-the-art music conservatory here to create a worldclass orchestra that could score music for the Indian composers and to train students in vocal as well as instrumental music.
In the meeting of APDM, held in Islamabad, all the leaders of opposition were present and looked composed, but Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman was not present and is in Saudia Arabia.
AR Rehman is yet to react to this criticism.
Wagah, Apr28 : Pakistan National Assembly Opposition Leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Saturday that he wanted to see the Benazir Bhutto-led Pakistan People's Party (PPP) to remain a part of the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD.
Sherry Rehman has said that no rules will be framed without consultation with relevant stakeholders like the Council of Pakistan.
Firstly, Sherry Rehman is a woman parliamentarian and secondly she remained a journalist.
Bhutto's body and clearly saw the bullet wound.
Sherry Rehman was born on December 21, 1960, in Karachi.