Minister of Resources and Development Fritz Koshiba of Palau

Mr Koshiba said they estimated the losses could occur by 2050 if no adaptation was undertaken.
Mr Koshiba said it was a serious situation which the Pacific islands would face unless strong measures were taken to reduce global emissions and greater attention was given to technical and financial support to adaptation in vulnerable communities like the Pacific island countries.
Committee Chairman, Fritz Koshiba said that the celebration for the Independence Day will start as early as Sept.
Koshiba is encouraging the community to join in the celebration and booths will also be set up at the venue which is at the KB Bridge Koror side.
Koshiba said the group which has been donating fireworks to Palau has instead used the money for worthwhile causes.
Fritz Koshiba said this was equivalent to losses of 2 to 4 per cent of Fiji's Gross Domestic Product from climate change.