Minister of Education Salvador Rodriguez of Panama

But this Salvador Rodriguez had been arrested after the body was found.
It turned out that four years before, the missing-person report that Hahn had found for Salvador Rodriguez was the right one.
Rodriguez was called out from his apartment by officers investigating neighborhood reports of shots fired late July 6 near the 1300 block of West 12th Street.
liaison officer with the Bolivian forces who captured and executed Che Guevera.
Rather than shooing away homeless men who encamped in the small park near his Midtown home, Rodriguez took them coffee and asked them about their lives before gently reminding them that children played in the park, and it wasn't the best location to set up camp.
As a teenager, Rodriguez found a job at a market on the Arizona side of the border.
Delgado said she was working as an interpreter when she met Benitez in the summer of 2002, following the family's move to Frederick after a brief stay in Los Angeles, where Rodriguez had a brother.
And she said that if the 130-pound Rodriguez had attacked her, Deysi, who outweighed her thin husband by 10 pounds, would have fought back.
After touring the auto show, Rodriguez said he might want to continue his education and become an automotive engineer.
and Rodriguez met with the Vice President again in Washington, D.
when Rodriguez came to Washington sporadically and talked with Gregg about old times.
the arrangements for him to meet North.
conversation, which was based on problems Rodriguez had observed on visits to contra camps.
Rodriguez was mainly interested in El Salvador.
As Rodriguez was completing his consultations with US.
he had discussed this matter with Vice President Bush, Motley, North, Sanchez and Gregg.
On February 14, 1985, Rodriguez met with Gorman in Panama City.
Rodriguez had received from contra leader Adolfo Calero.
meetings with Gorman, Pickering and Steele.
his plans to depart; after Corr's praise, Rodriguez chose not to bring it up.
million in contra aid, expected in the fall of 1986.
Miami and had taken them to El Salvador.
about Rodriguez, claiming Rodriguez has ``screwed up S front.
demanded that it and its cargo be returned to Miami.
August 8, 1986, Rodriguez met with Gregg and Watson at the Old Executive Office Building.
recently authorized by Congress could be established.
Rodriguez was involved in the resupply operation.
May 1, 1986, meeting with the Vice President.
when the Hasenfus plane was shot down on October 5, 1986.
some sort of linkage to the contra-resupply operation.
complain that Rodriguez had ``too high a posture.
a part of the resupply operation Rodriguez had described to him and Watson in August 1986.
sent Rodriguez a letter in September 1985.
Digicel, the largest mobile operator in the Caribbean and new entrant to the Central American market, today announced that Jose Antonio Rodriguez is the newly appointed CEO for Digicel El Salvador.
Rodriguez was placed at Ilopango by Donald Gregg, a former CIA agent who now serves as the foreign policy adviser to Vice President Bush (see March 17, 1983.
Rodriguez is helping North channel illegal funds to the Contras (see Mid-September 1985.
counterinsurgency adviser to the Salvador military in 1984.
at El Salvador's Ilopango air Posada force base, where he gave him a job.
began working with North said: "Felix Rodriguez - expedite 50K for LR.
Salvador Rodriguez was arrestedJune 6 on suspicion of a felony charge of animal cruelty and criminal damage.
Rodriguez said in court records that he didn't want the dog to suffer so he hung it for 20 to 30 minutes, Gaffney said.
Rodriguez remained in custody much ofJune 7.
Rodriguez is accused of abusing the Queensland Heeler on June 6 after he became suspicious that his wife was having an affair, police said.
Rodriguez is to be sentenced Jan12.
I was watching a documentary on exorcisms the other night.
José Isidro Rodriguez was 13 year old when he drew a picture showing circling helicopters dropping red pellets over a landscape of mountains.
Rodriguez says this is an important development because there are no other extreme sports facilities in El Salvador.