Minister for Justice Allan Marat of Papua New Guinea

STEVE MARSHALL: Justice Minister Marat says PNG is not yet mature enough to abolish the death penalty.
Chairman of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Dr Allan Marat said the call came from the very leaders who lobbied among Government backbenchers to stop the State of Emergency (SoE) in the Southern Highlands province.
Dr Marat said now, they were calling on the government to extend Parliament for another 12 months.
Dr Marat said the law would not be passed in Parliament on time.
Dr Marat said the MPs from the Highlands region were well aware of their law and order situation yet pushed for the SoE to be lifted for their own interest.
confusions raging over fuel price increases and the high cost of living.
Attorney-General Allan Marat said yesterday.
to have the heart and vision for PNG, Dr Marat said in his address.
which went together with moral ethics.
The Papua New Guinea Justice Minister Allan Marat says he is fears for his life after a death threat from a group claiming to represent former servicemen.
FIRMIN NANOL: Justice Minister Dr Allan Marat says the threats were faxed to his office.
PNG’s claim for an extended continental shelf between the Solomon Islands and Federated States of Micronesia will be submitted on time to the United Nations, Attorney General and Justice Minister Dr Allan Marat said last week.
Dr Marat said the problems of rundown court houses and lack of resident District Court magistrates were not restricted to one province or electorate alone, but were prevalent throughout the country.
Dr Marat said addressing law and order effectively required an integrated approach from the police, Correctional Services, judiciary, Community Development and every Papua New Guinean.
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Southern Highlands state of emergency Dr Allan Marat has appealed to security forces in the resource-rich province to respect human rights.
Marat committed to the White Paper Dr Allan Marat, Justice Minister and Attorney-GeneralJUSTICE Minister and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat has assured the sector that he was fully committed to the White Paper.
Commending the sector Dr Marat said he was committed to the White Paper and was awed at the amount of progress, achieved so far.
Justice Minister Allan Marat said the strike would be illegal.
PNG 28 FEBRUARY 2005 (Pacnews) - Rabaul MP Allan Marat has called for restriction on people's movement in the country.
In a fiery speech at a national development forum last month, Dr Marat said foreign investors who criticised the Government should take their money elsewhere.
Allan Marat was elevated and appointed the Minister for Justice and Attorney General.