Minister for Housing and Urban Development Andrew Kumbakor of Papua New Guinea

And it has the potential to further expand, Minister for Finance, National Planning and Rural Development, Andrew Kumbakor said last week.
Mr Kumbakor was speaking at the 39th meeting of the OPIC board of directors in Port Moresby last week.
Mr Kumbakor said the Government had put in place mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of the oil palm industry, through a tax credit scheme, long term smallholder farmers credit facilities and infrastructure maintenance.
not been getting any favourable response.
Corporation to provide affordable housing.
06 October 2000 Home Affairs Minister of PNG, Andrew Kumbakor has stated that his ministry is in the process of drafting legislation to apply control measures to non-Christian religions.
Kumbakor had previously commissioned a briefing document, entitled, The Incursion of Islam into Papua New Guinea: A Warning, by a church coalition specifically on the topic of Islam and Muslims.
Kumbakor has also made a number of public statements which define Islam and Muslims as a threat to PNGs present and future security.
fund, says Transparency International chairman Mike Manning.
Mr Kumbakor says there have been disputes between the government and the Corporation, which he says is incompetently managed.
Recently the Home Affairs Minister of PNG, Andrew Kumbakor said that the government is working on changing the law to control the emergence of non-Christian religions.