Minister for Public Enterprise Arthur Somare of Papua New Guinea

The Honourable Arthur Somare is a Member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.
Arthur Somare was first elected to the national Parliament in 1997, and has served in several ministerial roles, including Minister for Communications and Minister for Planning.
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STEVE MARSHALL: For more than 30 years Sir Michael Somare has been keen to reduce PNG's reliance on it's former colonial administrator.
The younger Somare was appointed planning minister last year and has oversight of how funding from donor countries, including the bulk of Australia's annual $300 million aid contribution, is spent on development projects.
Arthur Somare said in a statement he was not legally obliged to step aside, but he had done so because he did not want to damage the government, his office or his National Alliance party while he was under investigation.
Somare said the government monies in question had been used for the benefit of people in his Angoram electorate.
Arthur Somare says it is not risky.
PORT MORESBY, Sept 12 Asia Pulse - Papua New Guinea's National Planning Minister Arthur Somare has said that Malaysia's oil-and-gas giant Petronas is willing to explore investment opportunities in Papua New Guinea.
Mr Somare said Petronas has seen oil exploration potentials in the country following the setting up of the PNG-Queensland gas pipeline project.
A specific time for the visit by Petronas was not mentioned although Mr Somare said the details of the visit would be presented to the next cabinet sitting, The National reports.
Mr Somare was with a 14-man delegation who visited Petronas headquarters and its oil facilities and other sites.
Mr Somare was accompanied by Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Dr Puka Temu, Trade and Industry Minister Paul Tiensten and the Environment and Conservation Minister William Duma, who are all members of the Ministerial Gas Committee.
Mr Somare says it is too late for complaints.
Somare said all the necessary procedures were followed including discussions with PNG's foreign exchange review board and the IRC.
Somare is extremely distressed in losing money.
MINISTER for Public Enterprise, Information and Development Cooperation Arthur Somare said yesterday that he did not block the approval of internet to be used as a learning tool in universities and other higher learning institutions in Papua New Guinea.
Meanwhile, some university students have already carried out an email campaign to petition the Government after it was reported in the media that Mr Somare had obstructed the approval for broadband technology to be used as a learning tool in higher educational institutions during a recent NEC meeting in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province.
Information Minister Arthur Somare said in a full-page advertisement yesterday that he was not stopping universities and research organisations to have increased access to the internet as reported in the media recently.
The reports of me denying students and researchers from accessing the internet are completely wrong, misleading and untrue,” Mr Somare said in the newspaper advert.
Mr Somare said he was all for ICTs for national development but the hold up was with policy formulation and the current ICT draft policy has to get to the National Executive Council deliberate on.
tracked, his forestry minister says.
relationship with the Columbia University early this year.
role of the media or journalists in this country.
Somare has performed well below expectations.
Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is undeniably a legend in PNG politics.
56 percent equity in Oil Search to raise funds from the Abu Dhabi government-owned International Petroleum Investment Corporation based in the United Arab Emirates," Arthur Somare said in a statement on Friday.
Mr Somare said the Government was happy with the enormous growth by the airline industry, and has given its commitment for Air Niugini to go ahead and place an order for the aircraft which are scheduled to enter service next year.
Somare said the deal would be signed next week.
State Enterprises and Information/Communication Minister Arthur Somare said this after returning from an Asia forum on developing policies for information communication technology (ICT) and e-strategies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last week.
Somare has a long personal association with the loggers.
minister over allegations of financial impropriety.
the Hey Bridge negotiations and has no direct involvement with the industry.
Ludwig Somare was a policeman from 1922 to 1947, rising to the rank of sergeantSergeant Sergeant is a rank used in some form by most militaries, police forces, and other uniformed organisations around the world.
Following the third House of Assembly elections in 1972, Somare was able to form a coalition government which included Julius ChanJulius Chan Sir Julius Chan, GCL, GCMG, KBE was Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea in 19801982 and 19941997.
Somare has always had an interest and a pride in his background and culture.
In his autobiography Sana (1975), Somare describes many fascinating incidents.
Personal lifeSomare married his wife Veronica in 1965, having courted her in traditional fashion, and then immediately left to take up his scholarship at Administrative College.
They have five children, Bertha (usually called "Betha" in the national press), Sana, ArthurArthur Somare The Honourable Arthur Somare is a Member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.
Somare is head of both his own family and that of his wife, who initiated him into their title mindamot two days after his initiation as sana.
Shoes episodeIn March 2005 Somare was required by security officers at Brisbane AirportBrisbane Airport Brisbane Airport is located in the Brisbane suburb of Eagle Farm, Queensland, Australia.
affair, in which Somare has been implicated.
Somare has denied any involvement in authorising the flight.
Mr Justice Salika had found that Somare had authorised the flight at Sogavare's request, in breach of the constitution, and recommended that Somare and others be prosecuted for their role in the affair.
Somare was re-elected as Prime Minister on August 13 with the support of 86 out of the 109 Members of Parliament.
Somare has personally endorsed the Forests Now DeclarationForests Now Declaration The Forests Now Declaration is a declaration that calls for a number of new market-based mechanisms to protect tropical forests.
In 2004 Somare received authorization from cabinet to create an autochthonous honours system for Papua New Guinea.
East Sepik Governor Arthur Somare was absent because he was away in London on other official business.
Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said on Friday he was confident PNG would obtain the Gulf funding despite the global credit crunch and a dramatic drop in commodities prices that have made finding funds for new resource projects uncertain.
MELBOURNE, Nov 7 -- Papua New Guinea Public Enterprise Minister Arthur Somare has confirmed that the state-owned resources company Independent Public Business Corp.