Minister for Conservation and Environment Benny Allan of Papua New Guinea

Allan was from my friends middle name that caught him !! And he has gone by the nickname of Benny ever since.
Yes, (the PNG Government) has decided not to give the exploration licence to the company, Mr Allan said when asked about the Frontier plan.
Mr Allan said a taskforce had convinced landowner groups, who had stood to make money from the Frontier proposal, not to proceed.
most of the funding would be used on education and forest conservation.
But Frontier Resources managing director Peter McNeil said Allan was an uninformed source who did not represent the PNG government.
immediate reviews would commence immediately early this year.
Member for Unggai-Bena Benny Allan said this at the launch of the Sayafa coffee growers co-operative at Megunagu village in the Upper Bena area of Eastern Highlands last week.
Mr Allan said coffee is the lifeline of the people of Unggai-Bena and the Highlands region.