Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris of Papua New Guinea

Gabriel Kapris was born in Supari village, Maprik East Sepik Province PNG.
Minister Kapris has worked in both public and private organisations with wide experience in PNG government as Minister for Works & Implementation; Political Leader of People's Action Party (PAP), Minister responsible for roads and bridges infrastructure and in 2007 commenced on the role of Minister for Commerce & Industry.
government was questionable and he would be looking into that.
Meanwhile, in his paper presented on Sunday at the official opening of the China-Pacific Ministerial Conference, Kapris said PNG is a commodity and resource based economy that is yet to be developed and need friends like China to help unlock its huge potentials.
Kapris met with the Chinese vice Minister of Commerce Ms.
Commerce and Industry Minister Gabriel Kapris has indicated this and it is understood China is very much looking at giving a nod to that idea.
Mr Kapris said Chinese officials he had discussions with on economic and bilateral relations said they were looking at the outcome of the Ramu project.
Mr Kapris said PNG owed China K29.
Kapris said they have set up a marine industry park to boost foreign investments on the tuna industry.
Kapris said the PNG government is moving to work with relevant stakeholders to strengthen intellectual property systems for economic, social and cultural development.
start the economic growth centre concept.
necessary to facilitate economic activities in the rural areas.
foreign investments in the tuna industry.
Government officials who accompanied Mr Kapris said PNG was also talking to PNA (Parties to Nauru Agreement) to form an alliance and be partners in the project.
papua - Google News21:11 7/11/06Suspended PNG MP Kapris found guilty of misconductRadio New Zealand International,New Zealand- 1 hour agoA leadership tribunal in Papua New Guinea has found the suspended MP Gabriel Kapris guilty of two misconduct in office allegations.
Kapris said he was confident that with the countrys current level of development it could help the other forum island countries in trade marks administration.
Minister Kapris said being key stakeholders in knowledge creation and innovation the symposium provided an opportunity for local academics and researchers to assess the current intellectual property situation, identify the challenges ahead and explore possibilities for enhancing cooperation between national institutions.
PNG's Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris said fake medicines were being sold across the country.
PNGs Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris said the government wanted to create an environment that was conducive to investment and business.
COMMERCE and Industry Minister Gabriel Kapris has described efforts in marketing Papua New Guinea in China as “very impressive.