Minister for Labor and Industrial Relations Mark Maipakai of Papua New Guinea

Meanwhile, Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mark Maipakai said the matter was an internal management issue.
Justice Minister Mark Maipakai says PNG's legal system needs to be transparent no matter who takes the role.
a timber permit sub-contracted to RH.
comply with the country's laws and regulations.
Mr Maipakai is pushing for a wharf to be built at a cost of K4.
Department has also allocated K4 million.
provide easy access for the general public and business houses.
has called on the Government to support his proposal.
The National Newspaper reports PNG's Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mark Maipakai described it as a milestone decision.
Mr Maipakai says the ILO will work with his ministry on projects to benefit PNG's working class and young people.
estimation by categorising the budget expenditures into three areas.
the rest to go to new and unfunded projects.
to unavailability of the scope of work.
wonder if this Government was a right one for the people and for PNG.
Maipakai said that in line with the principles of the Constitution, other legislation had also been established that provided for human rights including the rights of children.
Maipakai said that the education reform exercise continued to see an increased number of children having access to the education system.
Criminal Code Act and the Defence Force Act.
However, Mr Maipakai has over-ridden his department secretary David Tibu’s advice not to accept any pleas from the controversial mobile phone company.
A COPY of Mr Tibu’s letter dated December 21 obtained by the Post-Courier and also sent to Telikom CEO Peter Loko, the Chief Secretary Issac Lupari, and Chief Ombudsman Ila Geno stated Mr O’Sullivan and Mr Maipakai had a discussion on that issue last month.