Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology Michael Ogio of Papua New Guinea

10-year extension to a company to continue logging in the Western Province.
extension for Wawoi Guavi blocks one, two and three on February 4 this year.
Mr Ogio had granted the exemption in respect of TA 24 while he was Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Treasury.
In the gazette of January 9, 2001, Mr Ogio had stated that he was of the opinion that it was in the best interest of the national major roads infrastructure project that the exemption be granted.
Meanwhile Forests Minister Michael Ogio is breaching the Forest Act, demanding the National Forest Board award the Josephstaal Forest Management Area to a particular company.
In a letter to the chairman of the National Forest Board, dated March 28, Mr Ogio said that he was aware of the termination of negotiations between the board and another company, named in the letter as SFR, over the Josephstaal FMA.
Meanwhile, Ogio has consistently ignored a demand from the PM that Nelson be removed(see below.
In response to the reported civilian deaths, Ogio said that PNG had put up with the situation on Bougainville for too long.
12th annual graduation of the university last Friday.
roadblock and took action to remove the UOT Council on Feb 8.
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DEPUTY Prime Minister and Forest Minister Michael Ogio has attempted to have the ASB Timbers awarded to the Josephstaal Forest Management Area (FMA) three times since June 2000.
Mr Ogio’s office acknowledge receipt of questions raised by the Post-Courier on the matter but were unable to send a response as Mr Ogio had not sighted nor signed the statement.
Aiambak logging project in Western Province.
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