Minister for Treasury and Finance Patrick Pruaitch of Papua New Guinea

The Forest Minister Patrick Pruaitch has enjoyed the generous patronage of the giant Malaysian company Rimbunan Hijau since he took office in September 2002.
When confronted with these facts in a blistering attack on the floor of Parliament last month, Patrick Pruaitch was almost speechless and mumbled some incoherent comments about ‘commercial decisions’ and ‘international markets.
Pruaitch has declined to be drawn.
But Patrick Pruaitch has been woeful in his delivery.
However WTK’s long established political links in West Sepik and a few compliant landowners, blocked any chances that RH might have had, and Pruaitch was forced to give the new Amanab blocks to WTK.
Minister Pruaitch is sending a very clear signal to the whole world.
The irony for Patrick Pruaitch is that as he becomes more and more desperate to fulfil his promises to Rimbunan Hijau’s he is exposing not only himself but the whole Government to international ridicule and a reputation as being corrupt.
Forest Minister Patrick Pruaitch is ‘wrongful and corrupt’ and ‘dishonest’ – guilty of deliberate self enrichment and double dipping of the public purse.
Forest Minister Patrick Pruaitch is preparing to sell the people of Asengseng and Rottock Bay in West New Britain into a life of slavery, prostitution and general misery.
The Minister for Forests Patrick Pruaitch is preparing to issue Timber Permits for two new large-scale logging operations in West New Britain.
As was widely reported in the media back in January of this year, Mr Pruaitch has admitted that he is a member of the South Pacific Motor Sports Club in Port Moresby, but he has repeatedly denied that the PNG Forest Authority paid his membership fees.
Patrick Pruaitch was questioned about these matters in Parliament on Tuesday the 20th of January this year.
Bank’s Forest Conservation Project is the official government position.
Bank AGM in Washington as leverage to get him fired.
this week, because there was not enough consultation.
little of the loan for the project yet repay it in full to the bank.
Mr Pruaitch said the people would repay with interests the US$17.
Mr Pruaitch said he is considering his legal options, however he declined to appear on PM this evening, saying he'll issue a formal response to the claims next week, when he returns from a visit to China.
Guinea's forests are sustainably managed.
Forestry Minister Patrick Pruaitch took out advertisements in PNG's two main daily newspapers to deny Greenpeace claims that Rimbunan Hijau had been logging without legal permits.
All logging operations in the country are legal," Pruaitch said in the advertisements which appeared over the weekend.
Pruaitch said suggestions that illegally felled timber was being exported were "libellous and malicious" and defended the Rimbunan Hijau Group as "one of the most committed logging companies in PNG.
Acting Information and Communications Minister Patrick Pruaitch has stated that journalists seeking to cover the state of emergency in the Southern Highlands province now need formal accreditation issued by a media liaison sub-committee located in the ministers department at Somare Haus.
Mr Pruaitch said most of the K70 million would go towards covering the initial deposit for purchasing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
advertisements which appeared over the weekend.
committed logging companies in PNG.
Mr Pruaitch said he was in Southern Highlands last Friday and Saturday to open district treasury offices at Imbonggu, Kagua-Erave and Ialibu and was surprised by the report.
Treasury and Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch said the APT has been reinstated and will be imposed on the pioneering LNG gas project.
Whatever is the case, Treasury and Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch has already put his hand up to be groomed by the grand old man of PNG politics, Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and thereafter succeed him as National Alliance parliamentary leader.
Although not on good terms with a certain media organisation Pruaitch is also a respected politician who is impatient with incompetents and who does not entertain bureaucratic red-tape.
Mr Pruaitch said the improved economic growth stems from a combination of positive international developments, improved political stability and prudent macroeconomic policies.
Mr Pruaitch said companies were required by law to submit environmental plans, a five-year forest plan and annual logging plans for approval by the respective line government agencies.
Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch said the amendments to the relevant tax legislations were aimed at easing the tax burden on developers, especially during construction.
Pruaitch said the LNG project was on target with the preliminary front end engineering and design work set to start.