Minister for National Planning and District Development Paul Tiensten of Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY, Feb 28 Asia Pulse - Papua New Guinea's Trade and Industry Minister Paul Tiensten has urged Fiji to stop giving excuses on the corned beef issue.
Mr Tiensten said this in response to a statement by Fiji's Foreign Minister Kaliopate Tavolas asserting that PNG must certify its local beef was free of mad-cow disease if it is to be exported to Fiji.
Mr Tiensten said that PNG had a case to refer Fiji to the World Trade Organisation but noted that this action would only be taken as a last resort as it was costly and time consuming.
In 2002, Mr Tiensten was elected to the 7th National Parliament.
Mr Tiensten was re-elected for a second term of Parliament in 2007 General Election, and was appointed Minister for National Planning and District Development.
Mr Tiensten is also the Minister responsible for Government Business in Parliament and he is one of the four Deputy Parliamentary Leaders for New Guinea Islands Region of the ruling National Alliances.
PapuaNewGuinea (PNG)'s Foreign Minister Paul Tiensten has said it could be months before full diplomatic relations with Australia can be restored following the affair of Australia's fugitive Julian Moti, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio reported Friday.
Tiensten said it is in the best interests of both countries the report be tabled.
Mr Tiensten said the immediate solution would be to erect a temporary by-pass to allow for a geo-technical study to be carried out for re-routing purposes.
Mr Tiensten said once the department was satisfied that the conditions of the order were met by the operator, it would issue a writ of approval for commencement of operation.
Mr Tiensten said about 180,000 barrels of oil had been shut in since the landslide on August 21 and the consequent shut in of the Moran wells.
Mr Tiensten said that this was not a loss to the State because it had only delayed production.
Meanwhile, Mr Tiensten said the tentative date for the Moran Development Forum was set for September 20.
Mr Tiensten said although he had announced that PGK4 million would be released to all districts, this is not possible.
Mr Tiensten had attacked the IMF over these comments.
PNG Foreign Minister Paul Tiensten said his Australian counterpart Alexander Downer had told him he would like to lift the status of the track to that enjoyed by the site of the Gallipoli landings.
Mr Tiensten said the PNG Government would support such a move.
National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten says the project is crucial to PNG's development.
Papua New Guinea expects to start exporting its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) from a plant run by Exxon Mobil in 2013-14, Planning Minister Paul Tiensten said on Thursday.
Mr Tiensten said the Melanesian Spearhead Group was there to support Fiji and not place sanctions as other countries have done.
1 million by 2028, Planning Minister Paul Tiensten has told a seminar in the capital Port Moresby.
PNG's National newspaper reported Tiensten said the country's population had been steadily growing since the late 1990s at about 2.
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Tiensten said at the same event in December last year that a final investment decision on the project with a capacity of 6.
Tiensten said the consortium also is looking at proving up resources for a third train.
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sector and its stakeholders used this to improve the lives of people.
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The Post-Courier newspaper on Friday reported that Papuan Minister for National Planning Paul Tiensten said he met with one of two Taiwanese middlemen involved in the failed 2006 attempt to establish ties with Papua New Guinea.
Tiensten said the meeting was intended to strengthen Papua New Guinea’s trade relationship with Taiwan, and he had no knowledge of the diplomatic switch plan, the newspaper reported.
A China Times article reported that PNG Minister of National Planning Paul Tiensten said the reason he came to Taiwan in November 2006 was only to discuss strengthening bilateral economic relations between the two countries, not to pave the way for PNG's recognition of Taiwan.
Tiensten said he was never authorized to discuss any issues related to diplomatic ties with the Taiwanese government.
The ministry said Tiensten came to Taiwan under the arrangement of two brokers in October 2006 as PNG's acting foreign minister to negotiate terms for the South Pacific country to drop recognition of Beijing for Taiwan.
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Mr Tiensten said today that PNG had made a commitment to double its police contingent with RAMSI from 10 to 20 officers.
Mr Tiensten said it was very important that RAMSI was successful in meeting its objectives.
Mr Tiensten said the previous inquiry may have involved an element of cover-up and had not pinpointed who ordered the flight.
Mr Somare said Mr Tiensten was ill-informed'' and the previous inquiry had come to a conclusion despite its initial report being rejected by Cabinet.
Soon after Tiensten took up office, the Fiji coup took place.
In PNG's parliament on Monday, Tiensten said it was "difficult and unfair" for Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to demand that those who masterminded Moti's escape be prosecuted.
Tiensten said Downer told him that full restoration of diplomatic relations would depend on whether a PNG Defence Force inquiry report on the Moti affair was made public and those deemed responsible were prosecuted.
Tiensten said despite the diplomatic strains caused by the Moti affair, it was business as usual for trade and business between the two countries.
Papua New Guinea's Planning Minister Paul Tiensten said his meeting with one of two middlemen involved in Taiwan's $US30 million ($A31.
Tiensten said PNG was tapping into Taiwan's economy for trade and not renegotiating their one China policy, that favours Beijing.
Tiensten said he never drafted any diplomatic deal to recognise Taiwan over China.
Papua News (PNG) Minister for National Planning Paul Tiensten had signed a draft communique to set up full diplomatic relationship with Taiwan in September, 2006, in Port Moresby.
Mr Tiensten was then the Minister for Trade and Industry.
Mr Tiensten had earlier said he upheld the One China Policy Sir Michael had signed formalising bilateral relations with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in October 1976.
He said he could not hold a Bible and say that Mr Tiensten had lied.