Deputy Prime Minister Puka Temu of Papua New Guinea

Puka Temu is a Papua New Guinean politician.
Temu is a member of the National Alliance Party.
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By Tereni Kens in Sydney Monday: December 01, 2008 Papua New Guinea’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Mining Dr Puka Temu has made a formal invitation to foreign mining firms to consider investing in the.
Temu said that “symptoms of obsolete market constructs” are what in fact propel deforestration.
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The Government is finalizing a National Policy for implementation in 2009," Dr Temu said at the Opening Ceremony of the 16th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliament Assembly, the world's only multi-national parliament through which the European Union engages with developing nations from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.
Dr Temu said the establishment of OLPC in remote rural areas will "transform this country and greatly narrow the digital divide.
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NANOL: PNG's mining minister, Dr Puka Temu says the government will transfer the mining functions and powers to the Bougainville government soon.
PNG's Mining Minister Dr Temu says PNG law guarantees the government rights over minerals on the land.
Mining Minister Dr Puka Temu says he will push for the government to lift the ban after the mining powers have been transferred.
Temu said Cabinet spent more than four hours on Monday discussing the proposed restructure and development of the National Strategic Framework.
Temu said that department heads and the ministers had to work out the type of political structure that would bring effective service to the people.
Dr Temu said PNG had also received considerable assistance from the EU.
Dr Temu expressed his gratitude to the ACP-EU member nations for offering assistance for the rehabilitation and restoration of services on Bougainville, which was now enjoying autonomous status.
Dr Temu said in the face of dismal global economic growth and the slowdown of the world economy, ACP-EU countries should remain committed and resolve to honour the commitments undertaken by all countries at these meetings towards their full implementation.
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transform this country and greatly narrow the digital divide.
Temu is reportedly hoping the initiative will be the first step in reopening the Panguna mine.
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PORT MORESBY (Pacnews) — Papua New Guinea acting Prime Minister Puka Temu has congratulated the president-elect of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, James Tanis, on his election victory.
Temu said the people of Bougainville had spoken through the polls and he hoped Tanis would continue the good work started by the late President Joseph Kabui.
Dr Temu said if this was not seriously addressed it would pose a threat to the development aspirations.
Dr Temu said that in comparison to GDP growth, population growth was about 5.
Dr Temu said effective development planning, growth of economy and a commitment by all levels of the Government to address basic services and infrastructure were vital to ensure that hospitals and schools would not be overcrowded or would not run out of vital drugs or textbooks.
On the political overview, Dr Temu said the institutions and form of democracy in PNG were well established at the national level.
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PNG mining minister Puka Temu said Tuesday he had signed a memorandum of understanding with Bougainville President Joseph Kabui for a 15-step process which will see mining, oil and gas powers handed over to the Bougainville government.
PORT MORESBY (Pacnews) — Papua New Guinea’s deputy Prime Minister Puka Temu says violence against women in any way or form was a development issue and called on leaders at all levels of government to join in the fight to eliminate it.
Papua New Guinea’s deputy Prime Minister Dr Puka Temu says Chinese workers at the Ramu nickel mine project found to be without proper work permits will be deported.
However, Dr Temu says Immigration and Labour officials are checking all 800 workers for proper documentation:“Requirements by law must be fully complied with and so the process itself will be allowed to identify those who are there with the wrong permits and then we’ll ensure the MCC that these guys are here illegally and therefore they should be deported back to the country.
Puka Temu was appointed deputy prime minister, taking over Don Polye, who was the deputy prime minister until this year's national elections held two months ago.
Dr Temu said all the challenges were impacting the world in an unimaginable manner as they approached the end of the year -- a time which should be the turning point in terms of the mid-term assessment of the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDGs.