Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Robert Aisi of Papua New Guinea

Robert Guba Aisi is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Papua New Guinea.
Robert Guba Aisi is the current Permanent Representative (ambassador) of Papua New Guinea to the United Nations in New York.
Prior to being appointed to the United Nations, Aisi was Councillor of Papua New Guinea’s Legal Training Institute.
Aisi is also Honorary Consul of Papua New Guinea to South Africa, President of the Business Council of Papua New Guinea, and a member of the Australia-Papua New Guinea Business Council.
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measuring systems it would now be possible to keep track of deforestation.
But Aisi said satellite measurements were more accurate now and could be used to measure the size of all tropical forests to avoid cheating.
Ambassador Aisi was addressing the High-Level Segment session at COP14 in Poznan, Poland.
Ambassador Aisi said his country, one of the proponents of REDD was pleased with its achievement at COP14.
Aisi said a similar idea for forests had been suggested in vain some years ago.
measure the size of all tropical forests to avoid cheating.
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In a speech, Aisi described climate change as "no less a threat" to small island states than "the dangers of guns and bombs to larger countries.
Aisi is not present, we would kindly ask you to contact US, we would be glad to get his present email address.
Aisi is urging the world body to strengthen regulatory measures, extend coverage of regional organizations and improve law enforcement.
is saying, 'Why should we restrict ourselves?' " Aisi said in an interview.