Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Sasa Zibe of Papua New Guinea

degradation that have become the industry's hallmarks.
Village Development Trust, an NGO that he headed based in the Morobe province.
In May last year, Sasa Zibe was trying to oust the head of his Environment Department, claiming Dr Wari Iamo had failed to uphold environmental law in key areas including forest monitoring.
Sasa Zibe says external intervention is needed.
has long advocated development driven by landowners.
Mr Zibe said the policy would set an agenda for changes to the PNGIMR legislation which include governance and regularity functions.
wards have been going without food due to lack of funds.
thereby taking jobs that locals could do.
Zibe was sacked from cabinet last year for constantly working against the governments export-driven economic recovery policy.
If Mr Zibe claims that certain companies reached right up to the Prime Minister to influence him to remove him from the ministry, then Mr Zibe has to be believed.
Mr Zibe said professionalism must be a big part of any change and it must start with the appointment of a qualified forester who knows the industry back to front, to head the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority.
Mr Zibe is one of the co-founders of the Eco-Forestry Forum and was the first chairman before resigning to contest the election.
Mr Zibe said under any changes or re-structuring of the forestry industry as well as forestry laws, certification must be adopted as one of the major compliances.
Mr Zibe said the forest industry had flaunted itself in the past 30 years simply because past leaders and senior public servants have allowed themselves to be corrupted by foreign businessmen.
Mr Zibe said that being a conservationist, he was approached by the Green party to run under their ticket but he refused solely because there was no need for his influences among the greenies.
Mr Zibe said as long as he is in Parliament, he will continue to work closely with non-government organisations, especially the key NGOs supporting sustainable forest uses and conservation of resources.
A strong Christian, Mr Zibe said he thanks God for his victory which he said, was a “people’s victory.
Mr Zibe said it had been recognised that the “current pharmaceutical supplies distribution system is inadequate and not meeting the needs of our people.
Public servants weak’", "By PORENI UMAU HUON Gulf MP and Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Sasa Zibe has vowed to replace all public servants working in the Morobe Patrol Post.
Mr Zibe said government services and facilities were collapsing because the public servants were not doing their job.
environmental degradation that have become the industry's hallmarks.
However, Zibe said there was a Hospital Act and all the staff working in the public hospitals, health centres and clinics should be aware of the Act as well as their medical ethics, and what had been happening over time was clearly ignorance.
Sasa Zibe takes health and HIV/AIDS, Sani Rambi becomes the new police minister and William Duma takes petroleum and energy in the oil and gas-rich nation, while Bob Dadae picks up defense and Michael Laimo takes education.