Minister for Correctional Services Tony Aimo of Papua New Guinea

At the opening of the 16th Session of the JPA on November 25 2008, Acting Co-President Tony Aimo said that it is clear that the impact of aid on growth is positive in countries with a good political environment for formulating and implementing development policies and programmes.
Local Maprik MP and Works Minister Gabriel Kapris along with Ambunti/Drekikir MP Tony Aimo said the FM.
Mr Aimo is also one of the two Vice-Presidents of the ACP-EU JPA from the Pacific Region.
Welcoming the delegates, Mr Aimo expressed his sincere gratitude that the meeting has been hosted in the Pacific and at the same venue 18 years later, after the last one was held in 1990.
Tony Aimo joined global leaders in urging advanced economies not to cut aid budgets because of the financial crisis.
Mr Aimo said that because of the global financial crisis, banks in developed countries may not be able to lend as much as they have done in the past.
Meanwhile Mr Aimo said that the present financial crisis calls for urgent global action.
Mr Kapris who was accompanied by Tourism Minister Charles Abel and CS Minister Tony Aimo said understanding has been reached to convert the loans into a grant.
As a result, Minister Aimo said the PNG Government has allocated K10.
Child labour can be prevented by good quality education, acting Educ-ation Minister Tony Aimo said yesterday.
Mr Aimo was speaking at the signing of a “partnership protocol” between the European Commission (EC), the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and the ministries of Labour and Industrial Relations and Education.
PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea's acting Education Minister Tony Aimo has a made a plea for more investigative journalism and a stronger commitment to accessible and affordable community media in the Pacific.
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Posted at 03:35 on 15 May, 2008 UTCPapua New Guineas acting Education Minister Tony Aimo says cult activities are now being practised by students in primary and elementary schools.
Mr Aimo says cultism is now continuously practised under generation names passed from student to student.
Mr Aimo says the Education Department is dealing with the problems and is going to conduct public forums and workshops to help shape policy to appropriately deal with this issue.
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