Minister for Petroleum and Energy William Duma of Papua New Guinea

William Duma was one of the most dynamic Baptist preachers in South Africa as well as being renowned for his healing and prayer ministry.
When Duma was about eleven years old his Uncle Vika returned from the Kimberley Diamond Mine and soon let it be known that he had become a Christian.
For eight years, from the ages of twelve to twenty, Duma was often ill.
Duma had only had a little training at Franson Memorial Bible School and was aware of the magnitude of the task before him.
Duma was soon in demand as a preacher and the Wednesday prayer meetings were well attended.
the glory came down and the mighty ministry of William Duma took root.
now Litta lay as a corpse and Duma was stunned.
Minister Duma received the proposals for the protected areas at a celebration with local partners and community representatives.
Minister Duma said "We hope these proposed protected areas will help some of the country's least developed communities to improve their livelihoods.
Minister Duma said "PNG currently has one of the lowest coverage of protected area of any country.
SSTC had to meet its commercial objectives and the PNGHB its by-laws," Mr Duma said of the delay in signing the documents.
An avid Fly fisherman and an accomplished Calgary painter, William Duma is bringing his two passions together.
PNG's Petroleum Minister, William Duma says the project will generate up to 5 billion US dollars a year, and is expected to last 30 years.
approving petroleum licences and work programmes.
with recent Government approval of the LNG project.
without carrying out exploration and drilling programmes.
Mr Duma said MoA funds were tied to specific infrastructure projects such as schools, bridges, roads and hospitals while royalty payments, which were paid every year, were paid directly to landowner groups.
Environment and Conservation Minister William Duma had ordered technical officers two weeks ago to check on reports that 35 dead fish had surfaced near the tailings line.
has described the IPBC deal as exceptional.
William Duma was the Zulu pastor of the Umgeni Road Baptist Church, a multi-ethnic congregation which met, during the days of apartheid, in a concrete and corrugated iron structure in a low-income district in Durban.
Yet Duma was neither Pentecostal nor charismatic and there is also a great deal to challenge much of the superficiality in the present-day charismatic movement.
About Bill Duma RCA ASAWilliam Duma was born in Calgary, Alberta, in 1936.
Since leaving school, William Duma has participated in many one man and group shows throughout Canada and abroad.