Ambassador to the US James Spalding of Paraguay

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Spalding was born in West Creek township, this county, May 19th, 1846, being the fifth one of nine children born to Herman* and Nancy Spalding.
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The first of three children, Spalding was born on September 2, 1850, in Byron, Illinois, near Rockford, to James and Harriet Spalding.
Spalding was the Association's top pitcher, leading in victories every year.
Spalding's performance is described thus by Robert Tiemann (McMahon 1996:154):"In the pitcher's box, Spalding was in complete control, using a fine fastball and change of pace.
Meanwhile, Spalding was undergoing a career change from player to team owner and sporting goods magnate.
Spalding was able to use his influence to supply balls, bats, uniforms, and other equipment to the league.
Spalding was married twice, first to Josie Keith in 1875; they had a son Keith.
Josie died in 1899, and in 1901 Spalding married the widow Elizabeth Mayer Churchill.
Spalding had been in the second echelon of Chicago society, but in the San Diego area he was a civic leader.
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children of Joseph James and Charlotte Elizabeth SpaldingArthur Thomas Alfred Tree Spalding born 1869born 16 August 1869baptized 5 September 1869, Holy Trinity, King William's Town, Cape Colony6Alice Elizabeth Ann Spalding born 1870born 16 July 18707baptized 31 July 1870, Holy Trinity, King William's Town8married name unknown Jessop9 Joseph James Spalding born 1874born 3 March 1874, Kimberley10baptized 10 November 1874, Methodist Church, Kimberley11Percival John Willard Spalding Florence Amelia Spalding married H.
Spalding received his early education in Florida, Georgia, and New England and was admitted to the Georgia bar in 1795.
Spalding was the consummate "scientific farmer" who experimented with an array of agricultural procedures, including crop rotation and diversification, the planting of sugar cane, and the construction of a tabby sugar mill for processing and manufacturing his sugar.
Despite his ownership of more than 350 slaves, Spalding had considerable misgivings about the institution of slavery, exemplified by his reputation as a liberal and humane master.
Spalding had a great sense of place and permanence, exemplified by his patriarchal residence of tabby on Sapelo.
THE name of Spalding is scattered all over Scotland, but it is understood that the County of Perth is the principal home of the name.
Old history tells US that a family of that name was the proprietor of the estate of Ashantilly in Perthshire, and that Spalding was a vassal of the Duke of Athol, and was bound to furnish the Duke with thirty-three fighting men in troublous times.
Conclusive evidence proves that Edward Spalding came over from England with Sir George Yeardley in 1619 or about that time.
Spalding was successful above most others.
The citation further declared that Ambassador Spalding has worked tirelessly for the advancement of his country and his countrymen.
In 1907, a time before baseball had a Commissioner, Spalding was one of the sport's most respected names.
Spalding was President of the White Stockings from 1882-91, during which time the team won five pennants.
Two dozen years after his death, Spalding was inducted into the Hall of Fame when it first opened, in 1939.
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SummaryJames Spalding was born 09 Nov 1772 in Hempnall Norfolk.
SummaryJames Spalding was born 1855 in Woodton Norfolk.
Paul Spalding was born circa 1875.
Spalding was appointed Paraguayan ambassador to the US.
Timothy Spalding was a private in the Revolutionary War.
Timothy Spalding is listed in the 1810 census but not the 1820 census.
and Spalding is the name of a German philosopher of some standing, but tinctured, I believe for I never saw his works with infidel or rationalistic opinions.
As you very correctly spell your own name, no doubt Spalding is the correct orthography; it is that of England, Scotland, and of Germany, whence the name originally came into England, probably with the Anglo-Saxons, in the fifth or sixth century.