Prime Minister Yehude Simon munaro of Peru

In 2000, after Fujimori was removed from office and fled the country, Simon Munaro was pardoned by the Justice Minister at the time, Diego Garcia Sayan, and released from prison.
Yehude Simon Munaro was born July 18th 1947.
Having grown up hearing of the Cuban revolution and entering college at a time when the socialist movement was at its pinnacle, Simon Munaro was profoundly affected by the leftist view of the world.
Simon Munaro is offered asylum by different European Nations but decides to return anyway never imagining how far things would go.
Yehude Simon Munaro was born on July 18 1947.
In 1992, Simon Munaro was sentenced to 20 years in prison for allegedly supporting terrorist groups.
If Yehude Simon Munaro turns out to be a sour apple, believe me, Israel will not allow him access in!!!!! We have to see which direction he will take.
in his country, and for human rights to be respected.