Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo of Philippines

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was the enhancement of national security.
Finance Secretary under the Arroyo Administration.
Romulo said he had been briefed by the Visiting Forces Agreement Commission (VFACOM) and he was deeply concerned by this report.
Secretary Romulo was the first Philippine foreign minister to visit North Korea since the two nations established formal diplomatic relations in July 12, 2000.
Secretary Romulo is also the first foreign minister to meet Minister Pak after his appointment as North Korea's foreign minister.
Emphasizing the need to further deepen the "reservoir of goodwill" built during the exchange of visits, Secretary Romulo said both the Philippines and North Korea stand to benefit from greater collaboration through "this most important venue for meaningful dialogue.
Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Bert Romulo has already carved for himself his own niche in Philippine politics, not only as an economic manager, but as a respected statesman as well.
Romulo is well grounded on national security having chaired the Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security (COC-IS) whose goal was the enhancement of national security.
Secretary Romulo had served in various capacities as Secretary of Budget and Management, Chairman of the Development Budget Coordinating Committee (DBCC) and Member of the Monetary Board under the Aquino Administration; and as Finance Secretary under the Arroyo Administration.
A recipient of the Gintong Ama Award, Secretary Romulo was also named Most Outstanding Senator of the Philippine Free Press, the Federation of the Provincial Clubs, Congresweek magazine, the Senate Radio and Television Press Group and the Philippine Infrastructure Journal.
Secretary Romulo is married to the former Rosie Lovely Tecson of Davao City.
The election of respondents Senators Taada and Romulo is a clear disregard of the constitutional provision and when done over the objections of their colleagues in the Senate, constitutes a grave abuse of discretion.
Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said on Monday that the Philippine government is keeping the deployment ban in the four countries to ensure the safety of Filipino workers.
Our aim is to protect citizens from harms way," said Romulo is a press conference in Makati to launch a partnership with Ayala Foundation for the country’s hosting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development in October.
Myanmar's military rulers should implement democratic reforms immediately as promised and avoid greater international isolation, Philippines Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said Tuesday.
Romulo said that Myanmar must open up to avoid greater international isolation.
Visiting Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo said Wednesday in Beijing that China has become an engine of growth and integration in the Asia-Pacific region.
This is something that China and the many other countries acknowledge and welcome," Romulo said after his meeting with Li.
On the pending territorial dispute in the South China Sea which involves the two countries among others, Romulo said that the Philippines is open to multilateral development programs in the disputed territory to be able to maximize its potential while the territorial dispute is yet to be settled.
Chinese Prime Minster Wen Jiabao urged improved cooperation between the two countries, while Romulo said the Philippines welcomed “China’s increasing role in regional and international affairs”, news agencies reported.
BEIJING, March 2 (Xinhuanet) -- Visiting Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo said here Wednesday that China has become an engine of growth and integration in the Asia-Pacific region.
Addressing the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (IAPS) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Romulo said that with its economy averaging 9 percent annual growth and the movement towards market liberalization it bagan in 1979, China has softenedthe impact on the region of numerous external shocks such as fluctuating global markets and the financial crisis of the late 1990s.
Romulo said since the two countries established formal diplomatic relations nearly 30 years ago, "I have seen the transformation of our relationship -- from peaceful co-existence to the vibrant phase of cooperation and mutual confidence we enjoytoday.
Romulo was here for an official visit to China from Feb 28 to March 2 at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing.
Disputes and conflicts are all over now," visiting Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo was quoted as saying by the Xinhua news agency.
We in the Philippines welcome China’s increasing role in regional and international affairs," Romulo said in a speech yesterday to mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
In a statement issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila, Romulo said he told Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao "that we are determined to resolve the issue of the South China Sea through peaceful dialogue.
During this meeting, Romulo said he "expressed our strong support for the efforts of China to address the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.
Romulo said the Philippine government attaches great importance to cooperating with China in various fields.
We in the Philippines welcome China's increasing role in regional and international affairs,'' Philippine Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said from Beijing.
With bilateral relations at the high point, Romulo said China is the first foreign country to which Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo made the state visit last September after her inauguration.
Mrs Romulo is the president of the Presidential Cabinet Spouses’ Foundation, the chair of the DFA Ladies Spouses and of the International Bazaar Foundation.
Philippine diplomats will go to Taji, Iraq, to help settle a labor dispute between Filipino workers and two US companies in Camp Cooke, a US military base, Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said on Friday.
Romulo said the DFA intervened after receiving a report on May 24 that Filipinos were complaining that working conditions and hours in the US base violated their contracts with PPI and KBR.
Romulo was among leaders of the 21-member economies of APEC who participated in the retreat discussions that tackled major topics like the global financial crisis, support for the WTO Doha Round negotiations, regional economic integration,trade and investment liberalization and business facilitation andhuman security.
held yesterday (May 23) was also meaningful in promoting such partnership.
FOREIGN Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo said that despite the global financial crisis mostly gripping developed economies such as the United States and Europe, Filipino workers will “so far” remain in demand in Middle East countries, as well as Australia and Canada.
Romulo met separately with Labor Secretary Marianito Roque and Bangko Sentral Governor Amando Tetangco to discuss the impact of the global financial crisis on the more than eight million Filipino migrant workers and their remittances that continue to buoy the local economy.
Romulo said Labor Secretary Marianito Roque informed him that up to now, countries remain in constant demand for Filipino workers, particularly in Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.
assigned abroad increased to a more reasonable level.
particularly the thwarting of terrorist financing.
Romulo said “the peaceful resolution of the Korean peninsula nuclear issue through decisive diplomacy and meaningful dialogue is imperative.
Romulo said he will “explore all avenues through which our two countries could elevate the quality of our bilateral relations” during his June 19-21 visit to the North.
Foreign department sources said Romulo was also urging North Korea to remain active in the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF.
In Washington, I will reaffirm the deep historic and cultural bonds between the Philippines and the United States,” Romulo said in a statement Wednesday.
The Philippines says it is very close to signing a wide-ranging economic agreement with Japan.
Romulo said ASEAN ministers would also discuss how the region, with the IAEA's help, could better detect the presence of nuclear weapons on passing foreign military warships.
Journalists working for foreign news agencies said Romulo had declined to say anything about his trip since arriving in Rangoon, noting that in the run-up to the visit he had said he intended to press the regime for reform.
Myint Thein, a spokesman of the opposition National League for Democracy, said on Friday Romulo had not asked to meet NLD leaders, and it was unclear whether he would be able to visit detained party leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
BALER, Aurora - The strong friendship between the Philippines and Spain brought about by centuries of Spanish colonization has endured because of shared religion, tradition, culture, and values in various fields of social and economic endeavor between the two countries, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo said yesterday.
In a speech read by Assistant Foreign Affairs Secretary Jaime Yambao at the third celebration of the Philippines-Spanish Friendship Day here, Romulo said that the relationship between the two countries has blossomed in recent years and is expanding in several areas of cooperation.
Romulo said that Spain has left its great imprint on Philippine literature, music, architecture, cuisine, language, and education.