Governor, Central Bank Amando Tetangco of Philippines

Tetangco was connected with the Management Services Division of accounting firm SGV Co.
Tetangco took up AB Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University where he graduated cum laude.
Tetangco took up his MA in Public Policy and Administration (concentration in Development Economics) at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA.
necessary ingredient for sustained economic growth.
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pointed to a lower inflation rate for the year.
governor Amando Tetangco said in a text message to reporters.
Philippine banks have limited exposure in the US subprime lending crisis and any effects on the domestic financial system will be limited, central bank governor Amando Tetangco said Friday.
MANILA (AFP) The governor of the Philippine central bank Amando Tetangco said Wednesday it was ready to take "necessary action" with inflation widely expected to have hit double-digits last month.
to the demands of a changing environment.
central banker with extensive exposure here and abroad.
Tetangco said that remittances from overseas Filipino workers, export receipts as well as foreign direct and portfolio investments had sustained the pesos strong momentum.
Tetangco said over the weekend that despite the occasional forays of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the currency market, monetary officials have had to do very little since the peso was not as volatile as last year.
Along with the Indian rupee, Tetangco said the peso was the strongest performing currency in the region last year and it was not unusual for the exchange rate to correct this year.
Tetangco said as long as the peso was moving in an orderly fashion according to market forces, disruption would not be a problem and economic cycles would have the ability to cope and adjust.
Compared with currencies in the region, Tetangco said the peso was at the lower end of the volatility range at 1.
In 2007, Tetangco said the pesos volatility rate was recorded at 4.
Amando Tetangco said the rate cut _ in the wake of three rate increases to address the high inflation rate earlier this year _ was a recognition of the downward shift in the balance of risks following the easing of commodity prices.
average GDP growth under Tetangco is far higher than the 2.
Tetangco was reacting to a US-based microfinance research group’s observation that the BSP lacks proper regulatory framework to develop the microfinance industry and mobilize savings.
8 percent, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) governor Amando Tetangco said Friday.
Despite the slower rise in consumer prices, Tetangco said the BSP will continue to assess developments before making an outright interest rate cut.
Tetangco said crude price futures remain uncertain, adding to inflation worries.
Tetangco said the recent decision of the policy-making MB of the central bank is consistent with its policy to “act preemptively once second-round pricing pressures emerge.
MANILA -- Philippine inflation was forecast to have eased in December after dropping to single-digits in November for the first time in half a year, central bank governor Amando Tetangco said Monday.
and food prices, which should moderate inflation pressures.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " TOKYO, March 4 (Reuters) - Philippines' central bank governor Amando Tetangco said on Tuesday that the country's inflation rate is likely to stay within a target range of 3-5 percent in 2008.
is likely to stay within a target range of 3-5 percent in 2008.
Tetangco said earlier the full impact of the US economic troubles would be felt in 2009 and that there was risk that the credit crunch in the US could worsen if the proposed bailout packages flounder.
Tetangco said the Philippines faces the same risks since the government is reacting basically in the same manner to the crisis.
But Tetangco is optimistic about the success of a stimulus program.
Tetangco said he expects the countrys macroeconomic prudence to pay off this year considering the buffers built during good times (were meant) to provide resilience in bad times.
Tetangco said he is optimistic that government actions have been quick and decisive enough to prevent the situation from getting worse.
Tetangco said the timely communication to the public of recent developments, policy changes and emerging risks as well as their economic implications would also help reinforce credibility at a time when the market is already in panic mode.